Reign of the Supermen chit chat (here there be *SPOILERS*)

I really enjoyed this, alot. Maybe more than TDOS. My favorite moments were:

-Steel’s “Can we kick your @$$ now?” line
-Lois taking on the Cyborg Superman, especially when she said “Get away from him, you son of a *****!”. I always enjoy seeing Lois stand her ground against villains.
-the reborn Superman wailing on the Cyborg. My first thought was “Go kick his @$$ Superman!”

I think TDOS and this movie provided a new and different take on a classic story while also showcasing it’s hallmark moments quite well.

What’d you think?


Rainn Wilson killed it as Lex! I really enjoyed his performance.


just starting the movie! love the opening. the writing stands outs in this one so far in a great way! the animation is on point. It feels great to be back in the animated film continuity


Really enjoyed both TDOS and ROTS👍🏻

Judging from the post credit scene, do you think we’ll get Darkseid War in the next couple years? I REALLY hope so :grin:

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@OverSizedGeek, I sure hope so. That was my first thought when I saw them talking about Darkseid. I’d love to see Grail in animation along with the Anti-Monitor, Myrina, etc.


It was one of the best DC animation film I ever watch, it was well done, I just love that big fight scene between Superman & Lois vs. Cyborg Superman! It was well done, I also like how they use less Justice League and more Supermen along with Lois and Lex Luthor.:slightly_smiling_face:

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'Twas a good one. I’m super hyped for Hush.


Except for the Eradicator, all the “new” Supermen were really cool. Loved Steel’s design. The best was Superboy. He needs his own animated series. “The Fresh Prince of Metropolis” or Smallville, maybe. Lol.

Cyborg Superman was really menacing as the villain and well handled. I didn’t expect that. I’m glad they didn’t shove him aside for the climax and make it all about Darkseid. Cyborg Superman is right up there now with Jason Todd as one of the great tragic villains in the animated films.


That end credit scene with Lex is so funny. Yeah Lex hates superman but he probably hates other aliens more lol.