reign of supermen

Does anyone know if the new animated movie Reign of Supermen that comes out on Jan.29 will be available on the DC Universe app?


I believe “Reign” will indeed be available here on the app on 1/29. I saw it in theaters yesterday, it was really good!


Thats what I like to hear! Is this how they are gonna release there movies on the app now? (Should have came out on here when it was available to buy the digital copy)

Starting with Reign of the Supermen, all the DC animated films will be released on DC Universe on the same day as the physical release in stores.

Just watched both the Death of Superman and the Reign of the Supermen back to back. Great job DC!!! Loved it. Now we need a three part Knightfall/Knightsquest/Knights End animated trilogy. This and the new Young Justice…DC you are firing on all cylinders! !!!

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Really good! Turned out better than I expected.