regarding the movie: Teen Titans vs Justice League

My 6 year old son really like this movie and we are curious as to why it was removed? Can anyone help on that???

DCU shares the licencing on most of the video product-- and so many things are “curated,” her for a month, gone for two. The idea really is to be happy when such movies and shows ARE here.

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Wal Mart has both Teen Titans vs Justice League and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract on Blu Ray for $10 each. Still don’t like the “rotation” of content and never will. I’m not a DCU member for the comics and let’s face it the 20,000+ comics wasn’t part of the deal to begin with. And wasn’t Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice pulled from Netflix so it could be put on the DCU?

I should have added or was this just a that to my post my bad on leaving that question off of my post.

movies are the hot spot here forsure. i read comics but still rather hit the comic stores! with that being said please bring back teen titans :frowning: