Regarding "Last Chance To Read" Section

I noticed the comic section added a “last chance to read” section, as well as a dedicated news story to what came out this week and mentioning helping plan out reading schedule.

I still think they need to mark the date it comes down on the comic listing and it is a bone of contention that it doesn’t. BUT… I do recognize the two things above are in response to my and a lot of others complaints about not being properly informed and are a definite step in the right direction and shows we are not being ignored. So I do appreciate that.


Comic rotation is a horrible idea. This section just reminds me that I’m on a deadline to finish reading. That is not fun.


@aphex978 agreed. I’ve a full time job, a daughter, and a handful of other responsibilities. I’d love to read through what’s available of Titans, but I don’t have nearly enough time to read all of it within the time frame given :frowning:


After some thought, I’ve realised that I’d much rather pay more for a growing library, than less for a rotating library