Regarding Harley Quinn v1: Harley vs Apokolips...

Does anyone own this trade? In print or digital are the issues sequential from 43-49 or are they out of order?

I flipped through two copies at Barnes and Noble and they were both out of order. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a problem with the initial copies? Looked very odd.

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Ha! I think I know exactly what you talking about. I read it in issues and thought one of them was out of order. It read very disjointed and all over the place. I emailed Comixology about it (I’m all digital these days) saying the file was out of order. And their response was that per DC it was correct and a stylistic choice.

I dropped the book soon after that.

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I went to another store (they had no promotional material out for the Buy 2 books, get one free sale that ended today, at either store) and upon flipping through another copy, it is indeed a storytelling decision.

In the beginning of one issue, it says that that story takes place before Harley vs Apokolips. My thinking is “…and what’s your point?” Why not just have the issues in the correct order they came out in? You don’t organize by story, you go by issue number.

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