Reflecting on 2019: A DCU Year in Review

:confetti_ball: Out with the old, in with the new, it’s time for our DCU: Year in Review! :tada:

Happy New Year to you, DC Family!

2020 will be making its way onto the scene tomorrow, and let me be the first to tell you - there’s so much to look forward to! But, first things first while we take time to finish 2019 properly… can you believe the time has gone by so quickly?

As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” and from your joining us to celebrate 80 years of Batman during our All-Day Watch-Along to the official reveal of Community 2.0 just a few months ago, and the season premiere of a number of new shows, this year wasn’t without its share of exciting moments, was it? :partying_face:

We at DC consider it an honor to have each of you accompanying us for this journey, and would love to hear about what stood out for you most from the past year. Was there a specific event? A person, or group of people you’ve connected with who made an impact on you, or the community? A favorite activity you’d love to see happen again this year?

Let us know below what it was that made your year with DC Universe all the brighter!


@MissInkBlot its been a great year on DCU from hanging out in the community with friends, to the original programming with Doom Patrol as the highlight, to the biggest event for me the adding of more than 22,000 DC comics and more coming each week. Thanks to you and the other mods for making this possible.


Oh, so much! DCU has been such a huge part of my 2019.

First: the unexpected DCU fan event in Burbank where I got to meet some of the best people in the community, and made me part of this crew for life. @Vroom, @JLWWSM, @RandallusPrime, @PrincessAmethyst, @Applejack, @HarleysPudding, and so many others… getting to see an early screening of Shazam, breakfast with the Batmobiles, a meet-and-greet with Jim Lee and Burt Ward, and my DC Daily debut, which resulted in its own recurring trivia spin-off segment throughout the year! And of course, who could forget live band karaoke with Hector Navarro, backlit by the actual Batsignal?

Then there was… the big announcement. The one I’ve been waiting for for YEARS. The ENTIRE DIGITAL COMICS LIBRARY was coming to DCU! From 2,000 comics to TWENTY THOUSAND all in one month! That was the moment DCU really became the subscription service of my dreams.

Flying up to the DCUHQ for New York Comic Con was also huge. I got to meet my News brother @JoshuaLapinBertone for the first time, and we’ve been close in touch ever since. I got to run LIVE TRIVIA every day, which was SUCH a thrill. And I got to meet Marguerite Bennett, a personal hero of mine!

And of course, there’s all of you. The weekly trivia, the fanfiction prompts, the discussions and debates of our favorite characters, all emanating from a place of love. The Last Chance Watchalongs, the adulations over Applejack in the weekly office hours. You’ve made this all a Community in the truest sense of the word. And I sincerely look forward to spending 2020 getting even closer with you all.


Oh man, I didn’t even talk about THE SHOWS! The two big ones: the triumphant return of Young Justice: Outsiders, which met all of my long, long awaited expectations and then some, and Harley Quinn, which I was extremely skeptical about at first but has since become one of my all time favorite DC shows.


I loved the Fan Creation.Writing Topics. I even won an award because of that

And participating in Community brings me great joy. The Mods and Community are great.

I generated a lot of topics on How to Write and Comic Book History that didn’t get much notice from the Community but my research and writing skills improved very much this year because of these topics.


In short everything was awesome.

From the fun events and exciting updates. Especially with the awesome people on here. There are so many great shows I can’t pick one. The highlights for me was Swamp Thing which was great and YJO. Such a long time without it but glad it’s back. Titans DP and Harley have been amazing too.

Speaking of show who could forget the best one DC Daily. Such a fun show with awesome people. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year.

Of course the comics being added was awesome. A someone who just started reading comics it been great to see the new and old. Currently reading COIE full story and it long but great and could have done that without DCU.

As for moments I enjoyed the super summercation. With the fun stops and the amazing post cards it was so much fun.

Here’s to an awesome year and here’s to many more.

:confetti_ball:Cheers to the Happy New Year​:confetti_ball:


This year has been alot of fun, I enjoy @Applejack :woman_technologist:’s office hour, your music mix and watch along with @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell and KittyKrawler.
I had a great time doing my own Watch along this year, @JLWWSM, @Vroom, and anyone I miss, are such a great friends to have, always hanging out with me for my watch along. I enjoy @HubCityQuestion Tuesday trivia each week,
As for watching TV, I enjoy watching DC Daily, it makes me happy to see anyone’s name being mention I would let them know, thanks to this new board.
The comics! You guys make it so hard for me to pick one and it’s hard to choose! This year I read Knightfall for the first time, that was a great story,
I think the downside of DC Universe would be a lack of movies, to be fair I’m sure it has to do with licensing contract.
If anybody should win DC fan of the year, it would be @HubCityQuestion, for his knowledge of DC Comics history, writing article for DC Universe and is in charge of DC Encyclopedia! And been on DC Daily a couple of times, he is a true DC fan!
For 2020, I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring, I’m excited to see Stargirl, watch Wonder Woman movie, Uscripted and Bizarro TV. I can’t wait til the club audition reopen, here’s hoping the Mods will approve my club idea!
:partying_face::tada::clinking_glasses:HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!


The comics drop was remarkable.
YJ, DP, & HQ (which has been a delightful surprise) were all top notch.
The community and the lively debates there in.
DC Trivia:Answer…The Question (and especially taking top spot in the second edition)
@Applejack Office Hours, always keeping us as up to date as possible.
Community 2.0 has been awesome.
Aquaman 67, remastered. What a classic of a bygone era.
@DCDaily for so many great interviews, book clubs, tv series coverage and generally helping people remember comic books (and comicbookdom) are supposed to be fun.

Got say though, my top spot goes to the Meta Madhouse. It was an absolute omega beam blast. (And I still say Darkseid was robbed!!! That’s my story…and I’m sticking to it. It had all the elements that make its NCAA basketball counterpart so great. So outlandish matchups, the long shots that advanced farther than many people expected. Upsets that had ya pulling your hair out, and lots and lots of good natured smack-talk.

My big hope for 2020 is it’s even better, with full scale, before the event happens brackets, points system for brackets just like the real thing. The first bracket is free and every other bracket costs $1 with all proceeds going towards children’s literacy.


My highlights of 2019 were the 22,000 comics and community 2.0! Also loved YJO and DP. But the best thing is the people. I always look forward to posts from @msgtv @Vroom @DeSade-acolyte @Reaganfan78 @TurokSonOfStone1950 @MisfitMarvel just to name a few.


We get new mods this year! New community update! More comics! More shows!
Hanging with this community this year was awesome. You guys are awesome.


My short and sweet top 3:

  1. The dramatic expansion of the comics library. As The Joker said in The Dark Knight “You’ve changed things, forever.” and in the absolute best way. The comic library is my #1 favorite thing about DC Universe, by a long shot.

  2. The Fan Event in Burbank. Oh, if only we’d had more time. Nevertheless, what we had was great and alot of fun.

  3. @Applejack. She. GETS. IT. She just does, and is a wonderful beacon to spearhead the DC Universe community by. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning, cowboy.


I absolutely love the comics library. I have been able to read so many comics! I also enjoy the original shows Titans Doom Patrol and even Harley Quinn, which I wasnt sure I would like. This community is great also. I don’t post a lot, but I enjoy reading what everyone else has to say.


I’ll chime in and say the community has been the highlight of the service over the past year, for me. DCU is already terrific value based on the comics library alone, and the company demonstrated outstanding customer service by listening to its members and expanding the library to almost everything. To add to that, participating on these forums has been a joy. So many members with similar or opposing points of view that one can talk to and learn a thing or two from. Also, I’ve been a member of several online forums and never have I seen a group of mods that has been as in touch with their members as this group has been. Funny how they have become rock stars in their own right on here, and deservedly so :slightly_smiling_face:.


Got* we got new mods this year.


I always enjoy the watch-alongs. It’s been fun keeping up with the weekly episodes and seeing members’ reactions. Also we had a lot of special-event WALs this year, like Watchmen or the (user-run) Halloween werewolf movies, all were really fun to participate in.

It was fun to be part of the community forum 2.0 development and I’m happy that the user experience is much smoother. The updates are awesome, and everything is easier.

As others have mentioned, the mods in this community are literally the best so I also thank them for their work.


Thanks HCQ!
Your presence on the News Section this year has motivated me to step up my game. So many great features and angles. I enjoyed our time together in NYCC and getting to know you in person.


Its been a great year! Titans and Doom Patrol were live action delights. Young Justice was in full form and left us wanting more. The expansion of the comics library was a DC dream come true! This service and community has been such a welcoming and lively place that I hope it stays going for a long time. Here’s to 2020! A year for more DC adventures to come!


What are YOU looking forward to in 2020?


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Poor DC Daily.


I use the DCU app almost every day. great shows and comics. Here’s looking to a great 2020.