Redo The Teen Titans (2003) five roster

My roster would be

  1. Robin (Grayson)
  2. Speedy (Roy Harper)
  3. Donna Troy
  4. Aqualad (Garth)
  5. Starfire
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  As a five-man band, I feel like the roster from the series was perfect.  I wouldn't change it.  If I was allowed to add a character to the line-up as a new main, I'd probably put Jericho on the main team and Donna Troy on Titans East, assuming I could get the rights to use her.  Then again, given how the fifth season ended, it looked to be going in a JLU-type of direction, which might be interesting.
  If we were bringing back the original series, I might be more interested in a new five-man band of successor Titans taking over after the main team got called up to the Justice League.  In that case, I might look at the roles the five characters played and think about it from there.

1)Robin-leadership and skills. This one’s a no-brainer, he’s succeeded by the Tim Drake Robin, contrasting this Robin’s more cautious, nerdy tendencies with his predecessor’s daredevil nature.
2)Cyborg-tank and technological skills. I feel like the Natasha Irons Steel is the best choice for this, and provides a link to the Superman mythos, and the characters therein.
3)Raven-spellcasting, rituals, and mystical knowledge. I’m going with Traci 13 for her successor. Plus, she and Steel could take over for Rob and Star as the show’s Official Couple.
4)Starfire-powerhouse and cultural outsider. I’ll be honest, this is the one I’m the most stuck on, and would appreciate suggestions.
5)Beast Boy-wild card and team comic relief. Beast Boy’s shapeshifting was a very versatile ability, making it difficult to predict how he’d act in any given encounter. The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, given his adaptable suit, could occupy this role, given that he himself doesn’t seem to fully know what it’s capable of, but I’m not strongly into this selection.
I’m interested in hearing any one else’s ideas.

I would just do the original five

Wonder Girl
Kid Flash

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Cyborg as leader and mentor to new younger heroes
Speedy (Mia Dearden)
Robin (Tim Drake)

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