Redhood will take time to get into the ‘Titans Universe’

If they want to go the route of Jason Todd becoming Redhood, it will take time because for Jason Todd die and than come back to life takes a long time. So they would need to time jump in between one of the seasons.

Not necessarily. While I think they can lay groundwork now they could introduce it a few ways . We know that Jason Todd Robin appears as teenager in DC’s TITANS. They could allude to his death, while Dick is reeling about his little brother’s Death for a season or so. Meanwhile Jason is put in Lazarus Pitt to revive him. They could do a pretty easy rewrite that the pit ages him a little.

Since Titans takes some liberties, maybe they will go the Arkham Knight route, where he doesn’t really die. They can change the time it took for him to be freed from Joker in the arkhamverse and they can change the time it took for him to be resurrected too, if they go with him actually dying. I do feel like it needs to take some time though, at least a season or 2, so that his loss is really felt

Oh I like that arkhamverse idea. Hell, you can even add the mercenary army invading bit. At first. Then you go with the ruthless crime boss route in under the red hood animated.

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If they go the route of killing him off, they could do what forevercloud3000 said, but put him on the season finale. They could throw him into the ringer for season 3. (If they make a 3rd season. Which by then, we’ll hopefully have Tim to pitch in. see how that relationship goes between Jay and Tim. Oh! Maybe we’ll have some Roy Harper in there. Idk)

And then spin off to a Redhood and Arsenal Show! That would be awesome. I also wanna see Redhood in Young Justice bcr they already got Tim