Redhood in Young Justice

Sorry if I’m annoying some of you guys for posting Redhood stuff everywhere. It’s just that, YJ in my opinion is the best animated show ever. And if my favorite character (Redhood) was in it, it would be a dream come true. (P.S, you should have the under the Redhood voice actor for him cause he did a perfect job)


Bringing back Jensen Ackles voice work for the character would be the best possible thing they could do if they used Red Hood. The only thing is how much screen time are they going to give the character? Will he be angsty or do an original take to where he is already over his vengeance and is more in line with his character in New 52 to where he doesn’t care anymore about the joker and already is folded back into the batfamily.

Also how are you liking rebirth red hood & the outlaws? Hope Artemis and Bizzaro come back soon.

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I feel Redhood is one of those characters who doesn’t need a lot of screen time to make an impact. Honesty, I would be fine if he doesn’t have a lot of screen time. He just needs to influence story.

I can go either way with Jensen Ackles playing him again. He was good certainly, but I’d like to see other people give the role a whirl.

If Red Hood does pop up on Young Justice, I’d like to see him with Artemis and Bizarro. The blanks on what happened to Red Hood before his association with them can be filled in gradually.


Jensen Ackles would be fabulous as a live action Red Hood, and we deserve a live action R.H!

I meant for Young Justice which is animated.

Jensen Ackles is 40 don’t you guys think he is too old to play a mid 20 something? He voiced the character and that’s awesome, but don’t we deserve a Red Hood that’s in his prime? Plus Jason Todd is supposedly one of the tallest and biggest of the Bat Family. Jensen just wouldn’t do him justice in live action IMO.

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