So I have always wondered who Red X is and because Teen Titans the show was a little kid friendly it would only make since for him to be Jason Todd (As Red Hood and the story itself was too violent) but that can’t be possible because Dick in the show isn’t Nightwing yet. So who is Red X? Also I wonder if they will do Red X in the new Titans series. But if they were to do that I wonder if they would give him an actual identity since Jason Todd is Robin and since the show is so gritty they would not mind turning Jason into the Red Hood.
So who is Red X?
I wonder if we will see him in Titans.

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My theory on Red X is that the reason he sounds, fights, and is able to access the suit just like Dick is… he’s a clone of Dick. We know that the creator of Xenothium, which powers the Red X suit, is involved in bioengineering from the Geo-Force episode. I think it was made for him.

I’d like to posit that Slade gathered some DNA from Dick during his brief period as Slade’s apprentice as a back-up plan, and was working on creating a Robin of his own until Terra came along. After Terra kills Slade, the Robin clone awoke to a world without a purpose. And now he’s just finding his own way.


My theory is that he’s Grant Wilson

My theory is similar to HubCityQuestion. I cut and pasted my theory I was using for a fanfic.

Red X is roughly the same height and build as Robin. They even have the same voice actor (Red X’s voice just doesn’t sound as modified when it’s just him). Jason is supposed to be younger then Dick, and even though they were both trained by Batman, I doubt he would be able to match his skills at this point (Jason is a lot more impulsive and rebellious then Dick).

They also mentioned Robin (Dick) powered the suit with Xenothium and that it was a highly unstable chemical. And that the suit was heavily guarded, making it difficult for someone to break into the vault. Jason is smart, but I don’t picture him being as tech savy as Dick (or Tim). But that doesn’t mean it would be too difficult for someone to get out.

I personally believe the xenophium in the suit combined with trace amounts of Robin’s left over DNA in the suit (hair, sweat, blood, dead skin cells, saliva, etc) and manifested into a clone of Robin (Dick). I believe that’s also why Red X was freaking out when the suit wasn’t working was trying to to get more Xenothium because he knew without it, he would cease to exist. None of the Robin’s would rely on a suit over their natural abilities that much (if so, Dick would have kept the suit or made his similar to it).

I also think that he also took after Robin’s dark side, the one he portrayed most while wearing the suit. Which is also why he doesn’t really harm the Titans too badly and sometimes even helps them out (because Robin restrained himself a lot from harming his friends and even saved Beast Boy while wearing the suit). I also think those clues on Beast Boy’s theory board were red herrings to mislead the audience.

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It might of been but i just dont think the skill set Red X has is the same as Grant plus Red X has nothing to do with Slade.
But those other two responses were good. It most likely would be a clone.

In Titans Red X is Dick Grayson 1st, then I have nothing to contribute on who the 2nd one is. My out there theory is possibly Grant or Rose Wilson. Speaking in the theme of the Titans show only. Deathstroke constantly figures out ways to infiltrate the TT, & using family, when it’s not himself is his usual M.O. Don’t execute me, as I’m speaking only of the show & not the comics.