Red Or Blue Trunks?

Do You Prefer Superman In Red Or Blue Trunks?

  • Red Trunks red
  • Blue Trunks blue

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I could see changing the shape or style of the trunks to look less underweary, or even maybe giving him red pants entirely, but all-blue just looks awful.


Those red trunks are older than his trademarked S shield. (He has an s on his chest in early action, but us was inconsistent). They harken back to the golden age of nostalgia (inspired by circus string men), and were sown by poor Ma Kent in between plantings of the back 40 and running the Kent General Store. From an artistic point of view,: the red trunks break up and balance Superman’s red and blue palate. Red and blue are not complementary, but they work because they are balanced. In the new 52 uniform, the blue feels like it overpowers the red. The trunks fix this issue. The red in Superman’s midsection symmetrically splits the blue And makes it less like a body suit. (the new 52 tried to fix this with the red and yellow belts, but i don’t think it’s as effective.

Most importantly, if Superman doesn’t have trunks, where is he going to keep his super-dense dwarf star keys to the Fortress of Solitude and his JLA discount card (which I hear gets members 15-20% off at Big Belly’s (promotional and specialty meals excluded) and Jitters as well as free Admission to the Flash Museum (on weekdays). . :wink:


Red trunks, otherwise he looks like he’s going to the winter Olympics.


Red trunks.

Blue trunk version is the Superman version of Faker


Blue trunks, though I might be biased since the Rebirth era was the only time I called myself a superman fan.

Aesthetically, this was one thing I prefer about Man of Steel over Christopher Reeve’s version.

I’m anti-trunks on any superhero, even Superman. It just looks so frumpy and unappealing, an inelegant solution to the problem of breaking up color schemes, and we can do better now.

I go old school - bring back the outer trunks on all the heroes!

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Wear the trunks, Supes. Hide your shame.


Considering the “blue trunks” aren’t really trunks, I voted for red.

Personally, I don’t care if a particular costume design does or doesn’t have the trunks. The same goes for Batman.

The red is more iconic.

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I don’t mind the all blue, but the red is too iconic. I prefer red trunks in any medium.

Without the red trunks, it’s a blue onesie.

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Generally speaking, I prefer the classic red trunks on Superman. That’s not to say I don’t like the trunkless look. It’s all in the execution/design. I like the trunkless designs, with the one exception being the initial Rebirth costume.




Red Underwear