Red Hood's new look

Pretty sure everyone’s see this already, but does anyone really like it? IMO, he looks like a rejected Mortal Kombat character.


I like it. I think his previous suit is his best ever.

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I didn’t like it at first but once I saw it “in action” so to speak I started to like it better. I still don’t care for the crowbar though.

Yeah the previous suit is my favorite suit. This is good though. I think they will go back to the old suit.

At first I didn’t but I’m starting to like it. Like someone else said seeing it in action with different panels changedmy opinion. Plus I like the new symbol but just wish he would have went back to the skull he had pre new 52.

I like it. Feels very Casey Jones to me, which is high praise :blush:

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Matches Malone

That is a very good comparison and now I like it even more that you said that.

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Not as great as his previous look but it’s alright . It does seem Mortal Kombat inspired but that’s cool with me since MK is my favorite fighting game franchise with Sub-Zero being one of my favorite video game characters.

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Looks bad-a$$ and functional with the pry-bar and sword


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The crowbar needs to be replaced with a sawed off shotgun

The pants are horrible. The red strips have got to go. The rest is ok, but absolutely no reason to change his regular costume.

Its not my favorite look, but it’s a decent look, especially since I doubt it and his solo status quo will last terribly long.

I know it’s not very popular, but I kinda like it.

At first I hated it, but after giving it some time, I am now really digging it.

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Not a fan of this redesign. Loved the old helmet and leather jacket

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It will eventually probably come back.

I prefer the guns and besides his face really look like a different person now.

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Yeah I prefer is older costume. One of the best costume designs ever 8in my opinion. But this is still cool


Meh, I like the classic. :man_shrugging:

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