red hood poll

in episode five of titans season, two Jason falls and his fate is undecided and a poll was released asking if he should live or die I voted for die because that means red hood but most people want him to live but am I the only one who wants red hood in titans?


I voted die because I want both Red Hood and Tim Drake.

I agree, we really need Red Hood in a movie or Show besides the animated Batman movie. I think if he comes, though, we need a new actor for him in this show, this kid is too childish to play red hood

Didn’t Jason become “Red Hood” because it was an old alias of the Joker, and Jason was looking for confrontation with him?

Jason + Crowbar + ressurection + No vengeance by Batman = Red Hood.

I don’t see how Jason’s death by Deathstroke would accomplish that.

Frankly, I’d just as soon have him die by Deathstroke and stay dead. I’m really tired of not-death and ressurrection in comics and comics shows.

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As posted above, it Joker doesn’t kill Jason in stepping out on the machinations of Ra’s, there is no Red Hood. No lazerus pit, not Red Hood, so now you have to get Ra’s in in the Titans radar, having hired Deathstroke in the first place. To even make a resurrection possible.

Not to mention that Jason’s death is Bruce’s burden to carry, not Mr Grayson’s.

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I voted for Jason Lives. Jason is such an annoying little prick but that doesn’t mean I want him dead.

I voted live causei would like to see him come back to get back at dick. Jason’s character always saw the heroes as a failure. Bruce failed to save him and he went to prove batman’s method was weak. Now dick did. I could see him returning to show grayson you can’t lead by lies. Jason never liked dick. He wants to one up the original robin. Always did.

He should live. It’s too quick to kill him off now. Also, his death shouldn’t be under Grayson. Why should Grayson carry that burden?

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I say die so Damian and Tim can appear next year lol

This season is either already done filming or nearly done filming as it’s airing. I don’t know how the fan poll helps or hurts the arc the writers have already for Curran Walters. I wouldn’t wish that an actor loses his job, so I voted live. Although I stand by my ‘somethings fishy’ feeling.

That poll was started 46 weeks ago as part of Batman 80th activities. It has nothing to do with Titans.