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Who thinks Red Hood & Outlaws has been one of the best books since Rebirth? I think once it changes to Outlaw it has been as good, but it’s still be a good book.

Red Hood and the Outlaws was one of my favorite Rebirth era Batman books.

The change to Red Hood: Outlaw resulted in a series that was okay and still worth a read, but not to the extent it was before.


I just couldnt get into the last issue, with the kids. I didnt like the art for the kids and didnt understand their powers or where they went.

Think of dropping until this arc ends.

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I’m a big fan of Winick era Red Hood. Under the Red Hood is one of those rare DC movies that takes a good source and makes it even better. And “Lost Days” is severely underrated as a companion piece.


Is Red Hood the tallest Robin?

Red Hood is one of my favorite dc characters and his last title to me has been really good. Plus i can’t wait to see the adaptation of him in Titans down the road I hope they make his suit just like the rebirth suit.

You guys got the best Ikeman statue


I don’t think it gets mentioned enough how incredibly sad Jason’s death is. I mean, omg do they pull out all the stops on sad.

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Heh. Thank you for this thread. I’ve been feeling really down lately… I used to turn to comics as a source of comfort, but recently I’d been feeling a bit disconnected from my love of Jason Todd stuff. I read UTH as a kid and fell in love with the character, but going back as an adult and seeing some of the negativity of other fans, there are some parts that have been bothering me and left me wondering if I was wrong to like the character as much as I did, so I’m really glad to see this thread.

I liked Winick’s Jason a lot as a kid… there’s still a fair amount about it that I like, but I no longer see his work as the Definitive Jason Guide, I think. I really like the old Max Allan Collins Jason stuff, and I’m sad to see how that version of Jason has sort of become distorted over time into this Violent Problem Child who should never have been Robin, something that wasn’t in even the Starlin stuff. That’s a part of the reason why I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Winick’s stuff now… there’s a lot about it that I like (Jason as the badass, snarky antihero who’s willing to use lethal force and questionable methods, who’s darker than he was as Robin and tangles up his own issues with his way of fighting crime, but who remains bothered by gendered violence and people hurting kids), but there’s also some ways in which it furthers the Bad Robin stuff which I don’t care for, and sometimes I feel like his Red Hood was intended to be morally darker than I can mentally reconcile with my vision of the character + my love of Jason’s original post-Crisis Robin stuff. (This is one of the reasons I think UTRH is better than UTH… it cuts out a lot of the worst parts of UTH, particularly the shoehorned in “must tie into IC” nonsense). I absolutely adore Lost Days, though; I feel like that really gets to the root of the character, and absolutely consider it Essential Jason Reading even though my advice on UTH tends to be “Just watch the movie”.

I was originally really skeptical of Lobdell’s Jason… I did not at all care for the New 52 stuff. I hated how he wrote Starfire and Roy and felt like his Jason came off as less of a troubled, morally questionable but ultimately sympathetic antihero and more as a fratboy self-insert. I think the Joker’s Robin stuff was what finally lost me. I read a few non-Lobdell Jason appearances during that time and they were… okay. Tynion’s run was kind of bland, and I say that as someone who likes Tynion a lot. He had some good moments in Batman Eternal but I honestly never finished that. I did like a few of his appearances in Batman and Robin during then, particularly him vs. Damian and the “Batman and Red Hood” issue. I also really liked his stuff with Tim in Batman and Robin Eternal, which wasn’t even why I was there (I’m also a huge Cass fan and tuned in for her re-debut) but which pleasantly surprised me and actually won me over on the idea of Jason as semi-reconciled with the Batfamily. But I still wasn’t a big fan of Lobdell’s Jason.

But I gave it another chance as of Rebirth, and the Rebirth issue absolutely blew me away. It’s such a good update of Jason’s post-Crisis origin, and literally the only one I’ve seen which kept the charm of the original. I still love Batman laughing at someone having the stones to boost the tires off of the Batmobile in the original, but “Are you hungry?” is a worthy replacement, and I actually feel like he improved the Ma Gunn stuff, which in the original was… more than a bit silly. The quality’s been more uneven since then but altogether good enough to keep me coming back for more. I was really skeptical of the inclusion of Bizarro and Artemis, but the use of Bizarro as a foil character to Jason really pleasantly surprised me. Artemis took longer to grow on me; she initially felt very… Look At Me I Can Write A Strong Female Character, but I feel like she became more developed over time, and I enjoyed her dynamic with Jason. The dynamic with Jason and Black Mask was TOTALLY different from the UTH/UTRH dynamic, which I loved (I have heard it described as “Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny” and that is fair) but I actually enjoyed it as its own thing. I feel like the big change was that Lobdell’s grasp on Jason’s characterization got a lot better; there were a lot of moments that were just Very Jason. (One of my recent favorites is easily “All fair points. Take me in. Oh, wait!”)

That having been said, the plot quality varies a LOT. I don’t really care for the All Caste stuff, his technobabble is painful, and I am extremely skeptical of this new weird Knockoff Titans arc that appears to spin out of his New 52 Superman stuff. But as long as Jason’s characterization remains solid, I’m in.

I also have to say that I LOVED his recent appearance in Leviathan. Just totally spot on.

I’ve also enjoyed some of his extended media appearances. Batman: Ninja only really had the two scenes where he had any significant lines but they were actually really good. Arkham Knight was definitely a different take on him, but I enjoyed the heck out of it, even as I had the repeated unique experience of getting killed by my favorite character. A lot. (That fricking excavator chase…) I also liked some of the tie-in comics, though I was less of a fan of the Arkham Knight origin comic itself. (I am a die-hard Tire Theft fan okay)

As for Titans, I’m ambivalent so far. There have been lines and moments that have made me go “That is VERY Jason” and also lines and moments that have made me roll my eyes at the over the top Warning Signs they’re throwing out. But I’m still gonna, y’know, I’m still gonna watch it.


Also, DGWJTWTDW is right, we ABSOLUTELY got the best Ikeman statue.


We use to have a couple perps with the name RedHood. Haven’t seen them in forever. One was a mod.

Honestly I hated Jason Todd as Robin that’s why I wasn’t sad when reading “Death in The Family” but I love him as redhood it makes the storyline and his character development way more interesting.

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Love him as Robin and Red Hood. I wish to see more interactions with him and the Bat Family.

Jason has always been a awesome character robin days and red hood days cause he is just so reckless and awesome

So who would be interested in my Red Hood fan series? I’m planning on starting filming early next year and I’m ultra hyped for it. It’s gonna be really interesting directing and being the main character though. But hopefully it will all workout!


I was just going through the site and saw the up coming Harley Quinn series, and literally thought that a show like this would be a perfect fit for Red Hood and the Outlaws. #MakeitHappen


So Jason’s death is pretty much confirmed for Titans 2 finale

I was wrong, but don’t blame me cause Donna’s death was incredibly stupid