Red Hood as a Titan !?

Hey, I know they’re probably doing this because of the show, but what do you guys think about Jason Todd (Red Hood) being apart of the Titans?


Personally, I think this is a GREAT Titans Line Up ( but I HOPE they got a plan for Cyborg :eyes:). I do wonder how they’re gonna pull this thing together.


Oh yeah, this lineup is definitely meant to parallel the lineup seen in the show. I should say that Jason was briefly a member of the team in the comics prior to A Death in the Family, but it was only for a few issues.


Yeah , I read about that. That’s what made me think cuz I’m really wondering how they’re going to pull this together.

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Yeah, it’s definitely meant to be a “hey, you liked the Titans show? Try this comic!” I would imagine that if it is meant to be able to be slid into continuity, he’ll probably be bumping into the Titans and teaming up, not being an official member.


That’s more likely to be the case I think. I’m hoping for the best cuz Connor and Jason really need a win .


It’s definitely because of the god awful show but Jason Todd should NEVER be a Titan. Not only has he never had anything to do with the Titans until that ■■■■■■■■ show but, he shouldn’t even be apart of Batfam if we’re being honest. Neither support or condone serial killers. He doesn’t fit. And on top of that i am so sick of dc using the Titans to stick whatever Batfam related character they don’t know what to do with OR that could use character development cause all they do is copy Dick’s arc and relationships from the NTT. It’s tired. At this point any character not from the fab 5 or NTT eras aren’t Titans and just rip offs because nothing original or even good ever comes out of it.

I can’t wait for the show to be canceled so they can stop appropriating it in comics and Titans can actually get something good. I hope this bombs.

That’s not quite true:


I’m not ready to knock it yet . It a new idea , definitely didn’t see it comin’ but hell I didn’t expect the show to do it either :rofl:. Either way tho, I’m a BIG Red Hood, Con El, & Titans fan . So if we end up with a Good Story out this , I’m Ridin

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So he featured in a couple issues doesn’t mean that he joined the team it could just be a team up. And it still doesn’t mean he has a place on the team - the Titans don’t team up with serial killers. End of story.

Well they do now

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That’s fine. That just means it’s a bad take and out of character cuz it’s based on a show that everyone agrees is written terribly. So I mean…

Lol I’m sorry my G. I can’t agree with you. I’m waitin on August to Pull Up :joy:. I like that show.

BUT, I Get it tho. I might jus be a lil optimistic


I’m not in any way saying you don’t, can’t, etc. like the show. That’s irrelevant. My thing is you shouldn’t have to be optimistic. That means you know it’s bad and has issues. You can still like it but we shouldn’t have to be optimistic a show will get better, it should just be good. If not that just means the writers and show runners aren’t doing their jobs right. They set their standard season 1 - the bar is on the ground and it hasn’t changed and sadly it’s not gonna change cuz the majority aren’t demanding they do better. They’re just eating up whatever is put out cuz it’s content not because it’s quality content. And I say that because the ones that do demand better or give constructive criticism still giving them views so why should they if doing batter isn’t gonna affect their viewership? That’s why I personally refuse to watch. No time of day and why I’m against appropriating it in comics cuz it just brings the same issues with it and who wants that? Obviously everyone wants it to be better but it’s just not realistic at this point. They’re in too deep.