Red Hood 41 - spoilers

So, in the newest issue of RH:O, we see a flashback of Jason and Artemis kissing and the voiceover says “so this happened. But it was nice. For a girl.”
The “for a girl” part threw me off a little. It could just be wording but has Jason had a romantic history with other genders?
I am probably just reading into it because I’m used to changes in comics coming out of nowhere but I don’t know his RH history that well.

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I thought it was a little odd, too. The only explanation I’ve seen that seems to make sense is that Jason might be pointing out how that sort of move is something a man usually pulls on a woman, so he could’ve been making a joke about how the roles were reversed in that moment


It could just be awkward wording on Lobdell’s part, but if not, he’s not the first writer to imply a bisexual identity for Jason. Judd Winick, who created the Red Hood identity, often had him banter with male enemies and rivals in a way which could definitely be construed as flirting. When asked about his intentions, Winick was known to deflect, leaving interpretation up to the readers.