:renegade_robins: [Red Hood 21] Red Hood & the Robins (June 16-30)

The Renegade Robins Club is revisiting an old friend: Jason Todd! We’re catching up on a few of his more prominent storylines since the end of Red Hood: Outlaw! We’ll check out the last two issues of Red Hood, then look into his arcs in Urban Legends and Robins! (That means that you’re getting some bonus Damian and Steph, in case you’re here for more than just Jay!) Discuss your favorite moments from these issues in the comments below!

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This Month's Issues
  • Red Hood #51-52
  • Batman: Urban Legends #1-6
  • Robins #1-6

Discussion Question: Do these stories sufficiently satisfy your Red Hood quota, or do you want him to get his own solo series again?

Poll Question:

Should Robins be a regular series?
  • Yes, absolutely! I need more!
  • Nah, it works best as a limited series.

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I haven’t read these as yet but you know me I wouldn’t say no to a new Red Hood solo although I’m not sure who I would want on it.


Oooh, Robins! I love this story - it really dives into the complexity of these five awesome characters!