Red Hood - 1st Jason Todd apperance?

Does anyone remember when the first version of Jason Todd as Red Hood appeared, and in what issue or story event?

I was thinking maybe the first 52 event, but it may have been before, or after.

This Red Hood was from another Earth, I do not remember which one. He shows up at least a few times in other comics after that, but that version of the Red Hood was clearly dropped and a new version of the character, with a different origin replaced him.

I have that comic in my collection, but it might take a day, or several, to find the right book, since I have more than 5000 + comics to search though.

Mostly though, it is a matter of finding the right two boxes, and then finding the right set of books within… unless he appears in one of the comic book title issue, and not in one of the mini or maxi series books.

I checked Wikipedia, but the first appearance was clearly edited out, like someone wanted there to be no trace left of that first version of the Red Hood. There is no mention of that Red Hood in the DC Universe Encyclopedia either.


I believe you might be thinking of Red Robin? There was a version of RR that was Jason who appeared in Countdown (poor guy). He doesn’t predate the Infinite Crisis resurrected Jason, but it fits the rest of your description, and the Red Robin identity goes all the way back to Kingdom Come, but it was Dick Grayson there.

Otherwise, I can’t help you. Pretty sure he first reappeared somewhere around the leadup to Infinite Crisis for the Under the Hood storyline.

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@BatJamags, you might be right. Back then, I was not heavy into the Batman titles, but did collect them from time to time, so could have missed the Red Hood origin, but saw his character here and there, and then mixing that memory with the Countdown event, with that alternate Jason Todd. I guess I will have to look, to see to be sure.

I never did finish the Countdown series though, It was about the middle of that event my funding dropped out and I could no longer afford that pile of comics I used to buy. But it may be that I did have the issue with that alternate Jason Todd Red Robbin.

I need to go trough my collection anyway, to see how it is holding up. I have not checked on it is several years. I also need to reorganize that room anyway.


It turns out that I did collect all of the DC Countdown event. I made it all the way to the first issue of, “The Final Crisis,” before I had to give up collecting comics. Although I do have that first issue of Final Crisis, it is among a small collection of books that I had not read yet.

Now to see if I can find the issue that had the Jason Todd from another Earth, that I was mistakenly remembering as a version of the Red Hood, rather than a Red Robin from another Earth.