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RHO Vol 1

The Renegade Robins Club wraps up another era of Red Hood and the Outlaws! (Wow, that was fast!) Along the way, Jason will go solo (again) and get a new look! Discuss these stories (and this fashion update) in the comments below!

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Session 18 Selections (Fourteen Issues):

I. Goodnight Gotham

  1. RHATO #19
  2. RHATO #20
  3. RHATO #21
  4. RHATO #22
  5. RHATO #23
  6. RHATO #24
  7. RHATO #25

II. Requiem for an Archer

  1. RHATO Annual 2
  2. RHO #26
  3. RHO #27
  4. RHO #28
  5. RHO #29
  6. RHO #30
  7. RHO #31
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Next month, the @RenegadeRobinsClub will cross over with the Year of the Villain! Meanwhile, check out Damian Wayne’s adventures this month in the issues of Batman & Robin!


In general, I like the idea of Jason getting a solo book, inasmuch as “solo” is a thing where supporting casts exist. There are potential Outlaw lineups I could dig, but while the Artemis and Bizarro team was surprisingly readable, it’s still too high-powered for my tastes, and I really don’t care for what the New 52 did to, uh, any of the team members.

At the same time, however, this era of Red Hood was a lot more, well, boring than the Rebirth stuff preceding it, and I preferred that.

(Though “All fair points. Take me in” was a legitimately good moment from the Outlaw run.)


Yeah, while Roy seems like an appropriate enough partner, the other Outlaws are an odd fit. I suppose that’s why Lobdell gave Jason those silly magical swords.

I believe we’re also getting into the big Ma Gunn twist with these issues. At this point, I wish they would just leave poor Jason’s backstory alone.

  1. Agreed re: the magical swords. I’d get rid of those first chance I got if I was in charge, LOL.
  2. Also agreed re: the Ma Gunn thing. Personally, I’m not even counting her as canonically his grandmother, since that one guy was revealed not to be Willis Todd after all.

Fair enough. It’s still such a New 52 thing to do.

That said, there’s still a lot I like about these issues. Bizarro’s arc is interesting, if a bit rushed. (Lobdell seemed determined to undo Smart Bizarro immediately after introducing him.) Their floating HQ was my kind of silly.

Anyway, good hearing from you again, Stranger!


I kind of like the team dynamic. Especially in Rebirth.


LOL! This threw me in for a bit of a loop because I’m really active, until I realized that I barely show my face outside of the DCW and you are not in that. But yeah, hello there again! Wanna talk more about how much the Batmobile in AK sucked?

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I certainly prefer this team. I don’t like Artemis as much as Starfire in general, but I prefer Lobdell’s treatment of the former over his treatment of the latter, if that makes sense. And Smart Bizarro reminds me of Beast from the X-Men, so that’s a plus.

Hey, it’s my discussion thread. I can go off any trail…just like that stupid Batmobile.


Yeah, Lobdell’s writing of female characters improved a lot once he started sensitivity training.

… that’s not even me being a smartass, it’s just, like, a statement of the timeline here.

The evacuation of the city had nothing to do with Scarecrow, people were just trying to get out of the way of my driving.

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You either die a hero or drive long enough to see yourself become the villain.


I’m not a fan of the redesigned costume and the whole Underlife story wasn’t very interesting to me. I think the best part of that stretch was his team up with Batwoman; I thought they had a good dynamic.

I liked Bizarro during much of this run, though I didn’t care for the way smart Bizarro started acting shady so quickly.

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One of the big gripes I have with the Rebirth series–and this point will only get worse over the next two months–is that every new idea seems to be abandoned almost as soon as it is introduced.

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