:renegade_robins: [Red Hood 17] Bizarro Reborn (February)

The Renegade Robins Club continues with the Rebirth era of Red Hood and the Outlaws! We’ll see that death can’t keep a good Bizarro down! We will even get to visit the trio of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman! Discuss these stories in the comments below!

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Session 17 Selections (Fourteen Issues):

I. Dark Destiny

  1. Trinity Annual 1
  2. Trinity #12
  3. Trinity #13
  4. Trinity #14
  5. Trinity #15

II. Life of Bizarro & Bizarro Reborn

  1. RHATO Annual 1
  2. RHATO #12
  3. RHATO #13
  4. RHATO #14
  5. RHATO #15

III. Squad Goals

  1. RHATO #16
  2. RHATO #17
  3. RHATO #18
  4. Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs. Anarky
Who is your favorite of the Rebirth Outlaws?
  • Red Hood
  • Artemis
  • Bizarro

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Next month, the @RenegadeRobinsClub will see the end of the Outlaws…again! Until then, check out the upcoming adventures of Damian Wayne!


I’m really divided on the revelation we get in the Annual. Apparently, Jason saw Dick performing at the circus when they were both kids. Isn’t that a Tim thing? Granted, I’ve previously suggested that Tim’s origin felt like a second draft of Jason’s pre-Crisis origin, but do they all have to steal ideas from each other this often? (It’s kinda like how Two-Face has managed to creep into every Robin’s origin story somehow.)

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Yeah, I was curious about that revelation myself. I suppose it’s possible that they both could have seen Dick perform. It is odd though how Robins do keep stealing from one another’s origins though isn’t it?

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I’m a little late with my thoughts, but I enjoyed the reading. I like this take on Bizarro, although before he was smart, the backwards talking was inconsistent. The idea of the Outlaws being a twisted trinity is interesting.

One last thing, I feel like Jason’s been such a white hat recently that I forgot he was supposed to be a “bad guy” until Batwoman and her team captured him. I’ll admit that I was confused for a minute about why they couldn’t just have a conversation.


Yeah, and I think the next month’s reading is a conscious effort to give Jason his edge back.