Recommended Comic Reading List

I don’t know where to start with DC comics I’ve been a fan of the animated stuff since about mid-90”s and there’s just so much it’s overwhelming!
Are there any comics you’d recommend? I’m specifically looking for DC and if there on DC universe that’s even better! But all recommendations welcome!
I don’t know why but I’ve always like aquaman I think it’s the Atlantis angle, big fan of the 2000’s teen titans (Judas contract is on my to read) I’d also be interested in Raz al ghul story lines since I always liked him in Batman TAS) and any good Wonder Woman
My favorite comic of all time is a DC but under Vertigo imprint, so it’s not on unlimited (yet?) Y : the Last Man by brain k. Vaughn
I believe the first book is on comiXology unlimited.

I really liked Batman court of Owls it seriously wowed me
I’m behind on it but I really got sucked in to current Batman Beyond comic( Raz al ghul storyline)

I’m adding one more thing it’s not a comic it’s a book(Dreadnaught by April Danniels) and it’s about a teen Trans-woman superhero (for those who don’t know putting the word trans before a gender means we’re referring to the gender they are in their hearts so in this case born biologically male) who inherits the mantel of Dreadnaught and is transformed into a female, and the world most powerful superhero. I realize the trans aspect is not for everyone, but I think most superhero fans would like it it talks about a superhero society, kind of like my hero academia. There are several JL like teams across the country etc. You can tell Danniels is a super fan. And there’s a character in it that basically is Raven. It was one of the most recent books that really made me go wow so I’m putting it here.

Swamp thing and animal man are correlating story lines written by Jeff Lemire. If you haven’t read it yet jump in here. The beauty of this arc is you can start with either one first however their are tie in’s so check out comic book herald’s reading order.

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Member TheDemonEtrigan introduced me to the site Comic Book Herald and it has great material on various DC Reading Guides.

I would spend an hour or so on that site, and see what Guides interest you.

Not all the Guides are up to date. The DC Universe review is many months old, and the library now is much more fuller in complete comic book arcs of the core DC Universe.

Judas Contract is there, but you have to look for the annual that completes it.

There is a Beginners Guide that covers all the basics. I learned a lot from it, and I have reading comics for almost sixty years. There is nothing about Comixology Unlimited there but it covers Hoopla, which requires a library card. I found out some regions are restricting it, because the real library is charge a fee for each title you borrow, and that cost is getting very expensive to the libraries.

Other Guides cover years like 2018 and 2019, eras like New 52 and Rebirth, as well as groups and characters. In Justice League, they recommend starting with Morrison’s JLA, though they list all the Graphic Novel, beginning with Volume 1 This JLA is in our library.

I would start with a few group and characters, and find the appropriate issues in our library. There will be gaps, but there will always be gaps even in the Regular Comixology, where you pay for each issue. Comixology has hundreds of missing Action and Detective early comics missing, but even early 60s Brave and Bold are not complete.

Then move on to other characters in our library. Or move on to other platforms or local comic book stores for the stories you want, like Comixology Unlimited. Fairly old comic books issues probably can be found digitally, often at 1.99 an issues. Graphic Novels would be more likely to be available at more reasonable price than buying the single issues separately.

The Regular Comixology often has sales. Today I bought the first three volumes of the Silver Age Flash, at 5.00 each. The usual cost would be about 15.00

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