Recommendations based on Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Just started reading the work on Hoopla and intend to keep reading it until finished…any recommendations on what to read as well?

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Batman death in the family.

Specifically things that tie into COIE or just other good stories?

If you want to read the other Crises, they are:

Pre-COIE “Crises”…

Kind of the sprit of pre-COIE Crises…

Assuming from your Hoopla reference that you’re looking at library options and don’t have a DCUI subscription, but I linked the issues (and Ultra collections) that are available on DCUI, should you or others be interested. Unavailable issues are indicated with the :sob: emoji - click them to take you to a post in the Digital Request thread so you can amplify the request with a follow up “me too” comment.


The next big event after COIE is Legends. It’s a good one.