Recommend me some good Superman comics.

I’m interested in getting into good Superman comics. Over the years I’ve I’ve looked into various recommendations, though a lot of them tend to be either elseworlds or rehashes of his origin. I’m looking more for good runs of the character that are (or were) in the main continuity.

What I’ve already read:

The Man of Steel
Superman: Braniac
Secret Identity
Red Son
All Star Superman
What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?
For the Man Who Has Everything
Death of Superman (just the beginning right up until he dies, though at some point I plan on reading the rest

Perhaps a couple others I can’t remember. I enjoyed what I read of Braniac. Is the rest of Geoff Johns run good? And I’ve heard Birthright is really good though I JUST read The Man of Steel so I don’t know if I want to jump back into another reboot of his origin just yet. Also have heard American Alien is great, too, but I’m going to hold off on that for now for the same reason.


Superman(2016/Rebirth) by Peter Tomasi.

Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee.

Action Comics(New 52/2011) by Grant Morrison

Ive read and honestly enjoyed those three very much. Especially Tomasi’s run, I really think he brought Superman back to where he should be. The Rebirth Superman is an older one compared to the New 52 who seemed to be in his 20s.

Tomasi’s Superman, with the great dynamic between Clark and his son Jon, is an older and more mature Superman. A father and a noble leader and role model, to me this is Superman at his best.

Tomasi also made Jon really likable, which I think is hard to do in this day and age as most people tend to steer away from child characters. He also made Damian Wayne more likeable for a lot of fans when he was on Batman and Robin.


I would say to check out a lot of the 60s stuff. Its a lit of fun. Like when you meet the Superman of 2966 (2 issue arc) or when Luthor an Brainiac hit Superman psychologically by making him loose confidence in his ability to save ppl. The 70s stuff by Denny O’Neil was pretty good too.

Id honestly say stay away from origins. U dint need them. MOS by Byrne is good and Secret Origin is great but U dont need it. Checking out Action Comics 700’s + are very good 1 off stories.

I must say the Rebirth stuff was excellent. Hope this helped.


Since you’ve read The Death of Superman, you should follow that up with Funeral for a Friend and Reign of The Supermen. That’s the first priority.

After that, any of the following would be good choices:

-John Byrne’s run on Superman. You’ve read his Man of Steel mini, so these are the next parts of his run:

-Action Comics #'s 584-599
-Superman (v2, which began in late '86, almost '87) #'s 1-22

Byrne did a few issues (#'s 436-442 and 444) of Adventures of Superman too but his Superman run is largely defined by the MOS, Action and Superman material.

The Trial of Superman, a fun read from the Triangle Era, is worth looking into. The reading order is:

-Superman: The Man of Steel #50
-Superman v2 #106
-Adventures of Superman #529
-Action Comics #716
-STMOS# 51
-Superman #107
-Adventures #530
-Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #3
-Action #717
-STMOS #52
-Superman #108
-Adventures #531

Other solid Superman reads:

-Superman Annual #11 (from 1985)
-DC Comics Presents #85
-Superman #423 and Action #583 (the “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” story by Alan Moore)
-Superman v2 #'s 204-216. The For Tomorrow arc, with beautiful art by Jim Lee
-Action Comics (New 52 volume; began in 2011) #'s 19-21
-All-Star Superman
-Superman (New 52 ongoing; began in 2011) #'s 1-12
-Superman Unchained (a nine issue mini by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee)
-Rebirth Action Comics (especially the Path of Doom (#'s 957-962) and Revenge (#'s 979-984) arcs)
-The entirety of the Rebirth volume of Superman

It’s alot of stuff, but very good stuff. The best part is that it’s all available on DCU right now! I know, that’s awesome!

Hope you find something good =)

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Superman For Tomorrow by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee is one of my favorites (Superman 204-215).

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Ah Vroom had already mentioned that story. Didn’t notice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tomasi’s run is incredible! Highly recommend!


A prequel to rebirth Superman is Superman lois and clark

Which introduces Jon Kent


You guys are great! Thanks for the recommendations. I had heard For Tomorrow was good, plus Jim Lee is always a treat. I think I’ll read that next. Then reread Death of Superman (it was like 10 years ago when I read it, and I didn’t even really know some of the Justice League characters in it. I read a comic recently that had Booster Gold in it, and he mentioned his involvement in Death of Superman and I was like “what? BG was in that???) then I’ll read the rest of the storyline through Funeral for a Friend and Reign of the Supermen.

Im very interested in the Rebirth Superman and what’s been going on recently with the character. Apparently something happened to the New 52 one but the pre-flashpoint one is back? I wanted to read what happened there but I didn’t have the money to buy all of the comics. Now that I have this app though I can go back and read that. Does anyone know where I should start with that? I know I could probably still enjoy the story starting straight at Rebirth Superman, but I do want to see what went down with the character before that.

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@ThatTwoGuy, to get the skinny on pre-Flashpoint Superman in the current DCU, give Superman: Lois and Clark (as wisely recommended by TurokSonofStone1950) a read.

To see the demise of The New 52 Superman and what leads to PF Superman taking his place, you should read The Final Days of Superman. That can be found in the following:

-Superman (N52) #51
-Batman/Superman #31
-Action Comics (N52) #51
-Superman/Wonder Woman #28
-B/S #32
-Action #52
-S/W #29
-Superman #52

As you said, you can just hop into the Rebirth volume of Superman (it begins with the Superman: Rebirth one-shot and then Superman #1) and go from there. The above titles help to fill in the blanks if you’re wanting to be fully versed on what led to the PF Superman becoming involved on the current DCU.


Hitman 34!!!@!

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Superman #400 was terrific-with lots of really good stories. Action 544 with the new Luther and new Brainiac was also fabulous

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I don’t see this one get mentioned a whole lot, so not sure of the critical consensus, but it’s one I throughly enjoyed: Superman Doomed. One of my favorite stories from New 52. Here’s the reading order:

Action Comics Vol. 2 #30

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Superman Vol. 3 #30

Superman: Doomed #1 (2014)

Action Comics Vol. 2 #31

Superman/Wonder Woman #8

Batman/Superman #11

Superman Vol. 3 #31

Action Comics Vol. 2 #32

Superman/Wonder Woman #9

Action Comics Vol. 2 #33

Superman/Wonder Woman #10

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 (2014)

Action Comics Vol. 2 Annual #3

Action Comics Vol. 2 #34

Superman/Wonder Woman #11

Supergirl Vol. 6 #34

Superman: Doomed #2

Action Comics Vol. 2 #35

Superman/Wonder Woman #12

Supergirl Vol. 6 #35

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Doomed wasn’t too bad. It hit some ruts here and there, but it was pretty entertaining in general.

Mattel’s Doomed Superman figure turned out nicely too.

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@Vroom, it is a very nice figure. Came across it so many times thinking “should I?” Just felt like it didn’t fit the aesthetic of my display. Sorry, don’t mean to hijack the thread. End tangent!

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