Recommend me Comics

I’m really trying to get more into comics, I wanna read the source material from which so many great movies and tv shows draw from. What comics should do you guys recommend I read first to start my journey into comic books?


Are there any particular properties/characters you’re drawn to, or are you open to everything?

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I would say Green Lantern: New Guardians. That’s the series that got me hooked on everything Green Lantern!

On the basis of Green Lantern, you can’t go wrong with Geoff Johns’ work.

Start with 2004-05’s Green Lantern: Rebirth mini-series, then jump into the 2005-2011 Green Lantern ongoing. His run continues from 2011 into the New 52 Green Lantern series and ends in 2013 with issue 20 of the same series.

Robert Venditti’s run on N52 GL and the Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps ongoing is great too as is Green Lanterns, specifically Sam Humphries’ run.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths touches on a TON of interesting characters who you can pursue further if they catch your attention, and is just an AWESOME story in its own right that has major effects on a significant chunk of DC’s history.

If you want an ambitious project, you can read one of the varying degrees of DC Rebirth. Great entrance point to comics

Of those, I would recommend reading the Supersons Reading Order a lot
Jessica Cruz truly becomes Green Lantern in Rebirth and just got her own Movie (Justice League vs. The Fatal Five)

Thanks I’ll try some of those! I also really love Batman and Justice League stories. I also like Wally west too

Thanks I’ll try some of those! I really like Batman, wally West, and just justice league stories. And I think the justice society is also really cool with jay Garrick and all those characters

Some of my past recommendations. And added some more.

Batman The Long Halloween. This is the story that made Nolan want to do a Batman movie. Its one of Batmans greatest and most iconic stories.

Batman Hush. Similar to the Long Halloween in how it is perceived by most fans as one of the iconic Batman stories. An animated movie is coming out soon.

Superman Red Son of Krypton. A crazy elseworlds story where Superman lands in Soviet Russia instead of the States and he is basically brought up as this Soviet Superman and its a pretty crazy story with alternate versions of iconic characters like Wonder Woman, Batman and Lex Luthor.

Scott Snyders Batman(2011) The Court of Owls and Death of the Family were instant favorite Batman stories of mine the moment I read them. I havent been the craziest fan of Dark Knights Metal, but Snyder is one of the best Batman writers ever in my honest opinion.

Geoff Johns Aquaman(2011). Basically reinvented the character, the movie took ton of influence from this run and the Throne of Atlantis in particular.

Kingdom Come is fantastic. Its 4 part Elseworlds story. About aging traditional heroes from the Justice League who come to face with a new guard of “heroes” who are more dangerous and irresponsible. Its a story about a moral conflict and the struggles behind being a hero. Alex Ross artwork is iconic.

Geoff Johns Shazam(New 52)). Similar to Aquaman, this is the run that Shazam! took the most influence from. The comic is a lot better than the movie and I thought the movie was pretty good.