Recommend me comic books to read

I’m trying to get into DC. I want to know where to start off I know rebirth is a thing and I know that metal happened. I’m just a little bit lost if you guys could recommend storylines are comics to read in order that would be great.

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As Vroom said in another thread in this foirm, you have to start with

DC Universe Rebirth 1

Other good recommendations can
be found in thread a liitle down below

where do i begin
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Since the library waits a year before letting a comic in, there are not many titles with Heavy Metal ties yet. It starts with Justice League No Justice, a 4 issue weekly mini. Issue 2 just got into the library which continues into the three new main justice league titles.

Nathan.Payson has several Rebirth Reading List. From Short to comprehensive.


Thank you

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If you want a good starting point, I’d recommend Justice League vol. 1 by Geoff Johns. It sets up the DC Universe and introduces characters into a modern setting. Then I’d move into something character specific based on what you want.
For example:
Batman: Court of Owls, Hush, Death in the Family
Superman: Secret Origin, Death of Superman
Wonder Woman: New 52 stuff

There’s lots of good runs or stories that serve as intros for each character that will make you want to get more in depth afterwards.