Reckless Speculation

Gonna try and mix morbid and fun here so just go with me here.

No matter your age today, you are promised as many years as it takes to see 5 DC productions. Movies and TV shows, but as soon as the end credits are done with your last movie or series finale of the last TV show you’ll quietly fall asleep for the last time.

You will age normally and injuries will still hurt, but you won’t die until you’ve seen all 5 production you pick.

Pick wisely don’t want to be waiting 50 years for that Ambush Bug movie unless you’re only 15 today.

My 5 are
Super Sons animated series
Justice League 4 movie
Martian Manhunter live action series
Cyborg movie
Green Lantern 2

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My five would be:

-Top 10 (movie)
-Starman (TV show)
-Wesley Dodds Sandman (Sherlock-style TV show)
-Barbara Gordon Batgirl (Year One movie)
-Multiversity/Convergence (movie)

Also, @Wildstorm-Jeff, no 15-year-old wants an Ambush Bug movie.


@batwing52 I get the impression that you don’t wanna die ever.

Good point with Ambush Bug, youth is wasted on the young.


Both things you just said are 1,000,000% correct. Also, I’m serious about that Top 10 movie. That’s gonna happen.

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I wanted an Ambush Big movie when I was 15.

Ambush Bug beats the hell out of whatever other doodlebop your average 15 year old wants.

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Fun idea! My 5 are:

•Green Arrow movie with the Ninth Circle
•Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz buddy cop movie.
•Batman v. Batwoman movie, with the conflict being over whether Alice (Batwoman’s sister) should go to Arkham.
•War of Jokes and Riddles movie.
•Teen Titans live action show starting off with Tim Drakes version, but then switching to a live action Damian Wayne with the current Teen titans lineup.

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You might get two of those within the next century.
If you’re lucky. Of course, 80% of mine will probably never get made either, so…