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So in addition to my pull list, in the least couple weeks, I read 2 graphic novels I’ve been meaning to read for some time.

First one is Justice bu Jim Kreuger and Alex Ross. Man…what a tour de force. Believable story…not realistic or grounded by any means…but I found myself asking myself “How they gonna get outta this one?” several times. Lots of great spreads by Ross that showcase the utter chaos involved in all out battle between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom. Some alternate looks for our heroes as well, ones that serve a purpose, as opposed to just cool costume changes. Highly recommended.

Spoiler alert:

One question though…if it was Shazam in the armored Superman suit, and not Superman…what the heck was Superman doing during that battle? Sitting on the sideline?

End spoiler.

Ok, the other one is Blackest Night. So many reasons I wanted to read this…Johns, Reis, a zombified Superman, and the fact that I’ve seen it praised many times. I wasn’t disappointed. Fun read…and the Ivan Reis spreads are something out of this world. Not as much Superman as I thought, or Batman for that matter. I think this one had many tie-ins though? Found myself scratching my head a couple times. Maybe I needed to read some of those to enjoy it better. Another recommended read, though didn’t wow me as much as Justice.

So…why am I posting this? Don’t know. Just felt like sharing :slightly_smiling_face:.

Man…the forum update couldn’t come soon enough. An edit post option and a spellchecker would go a long way.

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