REBOOT: How Would You Do the Cancelled Shows Differently?

One of the things I love about the DC Universe is that it can redo itself on a whim. How many times in the comic books have we seen Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or the Justice League reinvent itself and start over? Maybe it is an alternate universe or maybe the world ended and restarted. Who cares I love it. All those cancelled shows Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Naomi. They were great ideas. The only problem was they were left in the hands of idiots. What CW and its writers refused to understand is you cannot write shows for established characters and then change it any way you like without offending the true comic fans. But that’s okay, because in DC fashion we can REBOOT. We can go back to the beginning and change to storyline, the actors, the setting and anything else and just start over. I would like to know who you would reboot any of the cancelled DC shows. I will start off

For me I was most disappointed by Batwoman, a fantastic idea for a show that was completely ruined. In my reboot the pilot episode has a teenages Kate Kane in jail. Since the murders of her mother and sister by terrorists she had gotten into trouble a lot. Her father, a US Army general has lost all patience. Only her cousin, Bruce Wayne, bails her out. He drives her to the airport telling her that he’d also gone through his period of rage and self loathing. At the airport she looks at the Wayne Corp plane and then at him. We then see a montage where she studies jujitsu in Brazil, Kravmaga and counterterrorism in Israel, Criminology in England, Muay Thai and scuba diving in Thailand, meditation and mind over matter in India. She is learning to use a boomerang in Australia when a Wayne Corp jet comes to take her home. Bruce is laid up in bed due to Batman having been badly beaten by Bane. Kate, with the help of Nightwing and Batgirl must become Batwoman and help defend Gotham from the badguys.

In my reboot there will not be a story arch with only one badguy. Batwoman will face Killer Croc, Penguin, the Riddler and more. She will be gay but that isn’t the only thing about her. She is smart, calm under pressure and is willing to place her life on the line to protect the innocent. Her father is still military, Gotham is not run by a private security firm and Wayne Corp is still running. I see a Karen Jillian type to play her.

What do you think?


dc show deserve better


Arrow was never canceled, the writers and Stephen Amell chose to end the series. And Flash is still going, and I highly doubt it’ll be forced into a premature ending, though I guess you really can’t say for sure w/ the CW in flux ahead of the impending sale

I don’t think the show needed to make any major changes, it just got really unlucky in getting caught in the crossfire of the CW wanting to clean house. The fact that there are still plenty of fans actively campaigning for it to be saved shows just how beloved it was

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With respect, I disagree with this statement. I consider myself a true comic fan, and I like the Arrowverse shows quite a bit. I wait with anticipation for new episodes week in and week out, and have truly enjoyed the ride so far. There will be a great big gaping hole in my entertainment consumption when it ends, and I will look back at it all rather fondly. As for the creators, I’m grateful for the loosely connected DC multiverse they gave us, and the hours upon hours I spent in front of the TV watching DC content. In all honesty it was a live action constant for DC, at a time when WB just couldn’t (and seemingly still can’t) figure out what they want to do with their movies.

As for what I would change? Two things:

  • Give Legends of Tomorrow a proper ending.
  • Redo Naomi. That was the only show I thought was a clunker. Not only did they veer waay too far off the source material, the writing was just bad.

For Batwoman, I would want to expand the cast to reduce focus on certain characters like Alice because while still categorically a villain, she takes a significant portion of the screen time that I, personally, felt through season 1-2, she was overused too much. Furthermore, the bat-team was really vanilla so expanding it would help make it more interesting.

I would take influence on the roster that James Tyrion set up in his detective comics run. That would include clay face, spoiler, Harper row, and since Cw couldn’t use Cassandra Cain or Tim Drake bring in substitutes like mother panic and Clownhunter.

I say Batwoman could have been different significantly if Kate Kane was still around, so in my version, Kate Kane never leaves Gotham and decides to help Ryan.

Season 3 will being changed in two signifant ways. Instead of being about copycats of famous batman villains, It would first be about the fallout from the collaspe of the crows and Black Mask criminal empire. Crime has risen in gotham, with mulitiple gangs and fomerly corrupted ex-crow members causing problems for the newly restablsihed GCPD to handle them. The need for Batwoman is important now more than ever but even the Bat team finds itself streched out and exhuasted.
this leads for the oppertunity of new vigilantees in the city, with Kate Kane and Ryan assmbling these new heroes to form a much larger bat group. Meanwhile with Alice imprisonment in Gotham, she finds herself discovering a new group of simmilarly psychotic individuals that will form the basis of her own anti-bat team.

The second change will be to the dynamic theme, while the original plot of season 3 having this superfical disscusion about mental health, I have this idea with Kate Kane following the events of season 2 dealing with trauma from her plane crash to her torture by black mask and sharing a mind with his evil daughter, she begins with recovery but soon finds herself on a darker path that could lead to a red hood storyline. It would certainly connect Alice and Kate on a more signifcant bond than what they were doing with Alice and Mary.

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Not a bad idea, replace Azrael with Batwoman

What about rebooting from the beginning of the series?

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Batwoman is plenty need of fixing but I would argue that even one season to fix can improve the show significantly to actually be enjoyable.

They have the groundwork to be better but with this series, it’s usually a disservice.

I do apologize for stating my opinion as if it was everyone’s. While I personally feel that CW took great story ideas and turned them to trash I should understand that others probably don’t see it that way. Now I liked Legends when it first came out, due mainly to the fact I could ignore its ties to DC and just view it as a pretty good scifi series. But the last two seasons have been pretty bad, in my opinion. There was some good stuff in Arrow though I feel the last season ruined the series. But as I said you are entitled to your opinion.


A complete reboot is exactly what I mean. DC does Reboots all the time:
New 52
Zero Hour
Infinite Crisis
Just start over with the original idea but a new cast and better writers.

Oh, no apologies needed, my friend. I understand a lot of folks didn’t like what the CW had to offer. The thread probably wasn’t intended for me anyway & I came marching in with my pro-Arrowverse comment :slightly_smiling_face:.


Any other CW/DC shows you’d reboot from the start?

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Well since you asked I’d like a complete reboot of Supergirl. I know I usually rail against how CW keeps making shows geared only for teens and young adults but in this instance a teenaged hero is exactly what the story calls for. In my reboot Kara is a pre-teen when her pod crashes on Earth. We see flashbacks as her parents place her in the pod, telling her she has a duty to find and protect Kal-El. Only her pod entered a blackhole and did not arrive on Earth until two decades after his did. The story begins with Kara Kent, graduating Smallville High. Superman had found her pod when it crashed and his adoptive parents raised her. The series will mainly have her attending Metropolis University, sharing a room with two roommates whom she must keep her secret from. She must juggle her part time job, coffee barisita maybe, her schoolwork and her efforts to protect the city and the world as she helps Superman and deals with badguys on her own. I see her working with Batgirl, Nightwing and Donna Troy on occasion.
This is just my idea for changes.


I could see that. Any changes to “Arrow”?

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Every DC CW show would never be more than 13 episodes in a season.

Each episode could then have a higher budget and we wouldn’t have to sit through so many filler episodes.

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Why 13?

13 is the half season model from when most TV seasons ran 22 to 26 episodes.

So not a serialized show?

On a Krypton reboot, I’d have Seg and Nyssa actually act on their feelings for each other and not ignore it like the actual show did. I’m so effing pissed still

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To be honest Arrow wasn’t too bad at the beginning, in my opinion. But three seasons in it just fell into a rut. If I was going to do a complete reboot, forget the island. Oliver Queen is a spoiled rich boy who is in love with a girl who is an Olympic class archer. Due to her father’s involvement with organized crime she is murdered. Queen then does the “Bruce Wayne” thing and travels, picking up training in archery, martial arts and detective work. Upon arriving back home after the death of his father he runs Queen Tech in the daytime as the Arrow goes after badguys at night. He would meet and fall in love with Black Canary, who is a vigilante from Gotham. Merlin would be a hired killer who Queen met while training with a bow and arrow. That is my Arrow reboot.

So, still not the comic wise-a$$?