Reboot DCEU?

Things aren’t looking the best for the DCEU, I believe use a soft reboot doing so using Flashpoint. I picture it like this, we start the movie off With Ben and Henry playing bats and sups, skip to a bad ass flashpoint movie which when it concludes and the scarlet speedster returns things back to normal ( so he thinks ) we have a new Superman and Batman casted in different style suits ( new 52 style preferably ) and we fix some other little issues and make things better yet it will all make sense and we can see a bad ass affect of what flashpoint can cause. Thoughts?

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I sure want WB to put everything on hold and make Flashpoint after Wonder Woman 2 then do The Batman and go from there

Nah, that’s lazy and it just gives room for them to make more mistakes that will be potentially worse. Just go forward and try to learn from mistakes!

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Nah too late for that. Lazy or not, Flashpoint this universe asap!

Thing is, about Flashpoint, it’s only an effective story after you know and love all these characters. General audiences may have had some problems with some of these movies, but it isnt because the had a “correct” version in their head, not for anyone but Superman. A reboot would only be there to appease maybe half the fanbase. Then there is about an 90% chance we get another cheesy, unrelatable, cartoonish, DCFU and we as already have that. It will be Superman with 2011 Green Lantern’s tone or back to a world where cops all use batons to stop ice skating henchmen. Just keep going. Keep Cavill, drop Affleck.

Well there could be hope to just continue on if Aqua Man, Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 are all three success and considered good films by fans and there is potential for all 3. The Batman may end up being a prequel to BvS and MOS and so that takes care of Affleck and his character.

I am hoping for at least an Affleck cameo at the beginning and end in The Batman if it is a prequel and could be Batfleck recounting his early career

Just make good movies. No reason to reboot.


If Flashpoint “resets” Batman to a younger version, it would also reset everyone else’s age except WW. She’d be the only one NOT a pre-teen or infant.

honestly i like your idea for a reboot of the DCEU but i think flashpoint would just be confusing to normal movie goers and there are plenty of otherworld stories that would be a better starting point for this. the idea i have had for this is you take the current DCEU and in the coming movies that are set to come after JL in the timeline you show how much this universe is different or odd from the usual comics universe, for the comic fans this would create some distance for the on screen characters and the ones they love, for the average movie goer that is trying to piece together the films they start seeing how truly messed up things have gotten in this universe. then it happens Joker kidnaps Lois Lane and you basically set up an Injustice universe except instead of a 5+ year war between superman and batman you get a movie or two of WW and Shazam trying to set things right until they finally pull in the OG Justice League from another universe maybe taking Queues from like the Arkham games or the older superman movies, something that DC fans will know and have overall enjoyed, then if superhero movies arent dead yet you either follow the aftermath of movie universe 1 or you start following the antics of the JL from movie universe 2. its not very clean but i think it could make for a great set of movies over then next 4-5 years and would feel less like a reboot and more like they had been planning it all along.

I think it’s feasible.

And yes, I am about to get super nerdy. So sorry, but here it is.

DC operates under the multiverse theory with 52 (hense New 52 comics). The way it was set up under DC actually made it so yes, you can just change out the actors and/or movie premise to start over (or move forward). As long as it’s another universe travel, that is. Hell, you can even say the Arrowverse also exists in the same multiverse because of it (which I am not advising, at all!). But my point is that the plot device does exist and is set up to be executed.

However! Doing so even if using Flashpoint (which already require entire new cast) require some serious thought and execution.
This means hiring a director who cares about the project. Joss whedon can be called again but not right now the air around the man is radioactive enough to flash fry a steak. James Gunn being hired is fantastic, but he can’t direct the Entire DCEU. Don’t even ask.

If they need something to look at for reference, they should look at the DC universe rebirth comic series (which, I doubt they did) it took forever, and it was not a pretty transition, but now they are cleaning house on the shelf space. If they can apply it to the DCEU, then it would be a good idea that would be worth it. I’d wait a little for better quality movies.