I know I’m starting super late on rebirth but I’m trying to start reading it. There’s so much but I already read Batman rebirth all the way to the wedding. Also read the introduction to rebirth. But no idea where to go from there. My goal is to prepare to read the doomsday clock event. So is there a certain order to read? Or maybe just enough to help me understand some events. Any guide or suggestions of where to start would be helpful. P.S I already read the Dark Nights metal event and all the tie-ins. Mainly like the flash and teen titans comics too.

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Good question. I know that most of the titles I’ve read, perhaps all, have some connection to it. I suppose there’s got to be a master list somewhere with all the critical issues. I’d just Google it.

I did something fun with the Rebirth comics. I read the first arc of every series and then chose a handful of titles to follow. It’s been fun. Took quite awhile though.

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I started doing that at first but now I’m intrigued by the over all story so

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Is this what you are looking for?


Thanks .50710 it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but it was still a lot of help. Now I know the main ones to read if I want to go ahead and hurry to the event.

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Thank you for jumping in to help, @50710! :smiley: It’s always such a pleasure to see the community come together to lend a helping hand.

Hey! @koolkris I write a rebirth reading order for DCU that coverse roughly 15 possible roots including a recently revised fast track at this link here:

Also let me know if you plan to use it!

Doomsday Clock is confusing because it hasn’t entered DC continuity yet. The best route is DC Universe Rebirth #1, The Button crossover, and Superman: Oz Effect. However, everything occuring now in the DC Universe occurs before Doomsday Clock started which is VERY confusing.

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@nathan the link was really helpful I probably might just step 4 and read what I need to. Although I feel like the titans should be added to that part because Wally did start it. But that’s just a thought. It still works great thank you

I really like starting with All of Rebirth Part 2.0 in 7h. if you want to catch up on everything. However, I’m proud of Part 4 too.

On Wally, the flash family is covered in section 4c which puts the Titans into the reading order. Also 11e is the entire Wally reading order. I don’t include Titans as abig series because while the series seems important because of Wally. Only the first issue (Titans: Rebirth) is significant to Rebirth a a whole. I like it but it isn’t a big series.