Rebirth VS new 52 pick a charcater and let me know which run was better

pick one of your favorite character’s/titles and let me know if you had to suggest their run in new 52 or rebirth which one would you recommend.

Deathstroke: Rebirth.

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I personally liked the New 52 Flash over Rebirth. Francis Manapul really can’t be beat.

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I was hoping someone would comment on Deathstroke. That’s actually the character I had in mind when creating this. Well guess that’s next on the reading list.

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No joke: Christopher Priest’s work on Deathstroke in Rebirth is the greatest the character has ever been. HIGHLY recommended.

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Agreed. The Flash is one of the few cases where The New 52 run is better than Rebirth. That art, man.



Wonder Woman Rebirth with.Rucka
New 52

I didn’t like Amazons raping sailors.

Didn’t like Amazons at all there.

Year One Diana was the best portrayal of her.

Supporting characters like Barbara’ Minerva Etta and Steve were suberb. They supported main character but were also vivid.

In both series, wanted more Queen Hippolyta and other main Amazons in a positive light.

Also Superman Rebirth.way better than younger version. Family done well here beginning with Superman Lois and Clark, which introduced Jon Kent

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