Rebirth Reading Week 1: The Button Crossover

Hey, I’m trying to figure out how to help everyone get “Caught up” or at least find good entry points into rebirth as we enter the DC Unlimited Update.

So I figured we should tackle some of the biggest moments in rebirth. This week starting with The Button Crossover!

The Button is a crossover which is the result of a button being mysteriously left discovered and is the first real exploration of the Watchmen Universe joining DC. This story sold incredibly well with each issue making 2017’s top ten list. This is an incredible story and without further ado here’s how Rebirth Reading will work.

Each week, I will choose an arc of DC Rebirth to read starting with DC Rebirth’s events. Consider this the fast track of the DC Unlimited Update. In the upcoming weeks, we will read The Button, Dark Nights Metal, The Oz Effect, A Lonely Place of Living and more!

Week 1: The Button

Batman #21
Flash #21
Batman #22
Flash #22

For those curious the aftermath of the button spun out into Detective Comics, The Flash, and Doomsday Clock with Thomas Wayne arriving in comics with Batman #73.

Let the Discussion Begin!!!


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I’ll kick off the discussion, the Hockey Game fight is incredibly brutal. I’ve also wondered why its in there. Any thoughts?

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The use of the cosmic treadmill is exciting and very different. I loved the discovery that the past is different than anyone remembers it being.

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I read the 4 of these and honestly completely lost on where they were trying to go from here after flash 22 and didn’t know where to go and read

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After Flash the follow-up is Doomsday Clock. The Button is really two detectives discovering Dr. Manhatten. Well sort of discovering. The big discovery is everything they thought was true was wrong.

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Is doomsday clock on the app yet

Jut issue #1

I’ve been reflecting on Doomsday #1 and it’s a lot. Can’t wait to read the whole series when it finishes in 2021

The problem with the New52 -> Rebirth -> Metal-> Doomday Clock stories is that they all profess and preach the same thing. New big cosmic world changing event… And go on about how this is the new best thing, best starting point and this is going to be the start of everything. yet in execution, each story feels disjointed meandering and painfully slow to actually provide any unification. It feels like the story is so big and lofty they just are tripping over the weight of the big cosmic events. On their own, they’re all really great stories…but when they try to force them to connect, it just doesn’t work…to many separate pieces

Doomsday is definitely too slow but I do think it will be game changing! Metal was fairly game changing in that it spawned the following titles. See image

Horizon_Blaze: Yeah, these stories all promise some shocking world-changing secrets but the secrets never come. Rebirth came out 3 years ago and still pretty much nothing from that issue has been revealed. Nothing about the button. Nothing about the 3 jokers.

@rex.mason not true. Most of the teases came true but you have to know where to find them.

@Nathan.Payson Care to explain? Where did they answer the question of whether Doctor Manhattan was behind the New 52? When did they answer the question of who the 3 Jokers are?

Well, They’ve been answering it in Doomsday Clock. 3 Jokers will be a Black Label Series coming this summer. The Legion ring and the micro verse were handled in Justice League of America. JSA is the only question mark and we still are getting teasers for its return.

What do you mean “they’ve been answering it in Doomsday Clock”? They either have answered it, or they haven’t answered it. Perhaps you mean that they will answer it by the end of it. Perhaps they will, but that hasn’t happened yet.

So they haven’t answered the 3 jokers thing yet either, I didn’t think so.

So I think what you’re saying is I’m right? We’re 1 month away from it being 3 years of Rebirth and the important secrets of the special have not been revealed.

I think it’s pretty clear right now in Doomsday that Manhatten is at fault.

Anyway, back to The Button. I got the Hardcover tradeback for the series.