Rebirth Reading Order

I am new to this whole comic scene and I want to get into the Rebirth series. Any help?


It’s hard to search on my tablet or I would do it for you, but if you search the community for Rebirth Reading Order you should find a really well done and complete wiki from @Nathan.Payson that you will help you out a lot.


Here it is!! There are 3 different sections. Section 2 is what you want!


@elijahmolson.23232 I gotcha brah.

The owner of the document will create a checklist column for you if you’d like.
My column is “EB”, with “CountMacdaft” as the header. Feel free to create a comment on my column or direct message me here if you have a question!
I’ve been fairly up to date with all things DC since New 52 debuted, so I understand completely how convoluted it can get. I’m more than willing to help clear up any confusion you might have!

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If I can give my honest opinion about this doc, it’s great for people who want to start at the beginning (although I’d like to think my doc is easier to manage). However, if you want a DCU specific one or one with better organization then mine is WAY easier. I created mine because I felt like this one wasn’t curated/organized well enough. It also gets some placements wrong when there is a clear order.

It also handles Year of the Villain SUPER Weird.

better to break it into 4 events.
Event Leviathan with it’s tie-in series
Justice-Doom War with it’s tie-in series.
City of Bane with it’s tie-ins
And the Infected with it’s tie-ins.
Confusingly they are all the same event but work better separate with Infected joining Year of the Villain with Hell’s Rising.

The Phase 1 and 2 split isn’t made clear which is also annoying.

Sorry to hate on this, it’s just a little messy. If you want to see what mine is (what I’m in the process of porting to DCU) Here’s that link: Rebirth Reading Order - Google Docs