Rebirth reading order of books available on DC Universe?

I’m a fan who has been out of things for a while. I was so excited for the DC Universe app, hoping it would allow me to get back into the DC comic titles. I’ve been impressed with the recent additions to the comics section here, but I’m confused about the best way to get into the whole “rebirth” storyline. I feel like I have no idea where to jump in and what books I should read and the order to read them. I’m surprised that they haven’t created a”playlist” for people wanting to enjoy rebirth. Does anyone have an order of books that are available here that would give me the best rebirth intro back into the DC comics universe?

Thanks everyone!

If you haven’t come across it yet, there’s a thread on here titled DC Universe Reading Order V0.3 that covers the order for Rebirth

I believe this is the thread @DECE is referring to:

That link doesn’t work but I’ll bump it up!

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Actually it does. Just need to include the dash

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Nathan.Payson’s lists are a great starting point.

In the absolute, most simple new reader friendly terms…you just need to read the DC Unverse: Rebirth one-shot. After that pick a title or franchise that interests you and go from there.

That of course leads you to Nathan’s handy dandy lists =)

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Thanks Vroom. Rebirth year one is my most understood period of DC and marvel. As a newer reading who started reading comics in 2017. I obviously started with rebirth and have read the first volume of every series so I understand the layout relatively well. Ask me about new 52 or earlier. I’m completely lost.

Also I love how the links work on phone but not computer.