Rebirth Reading Order: Choose a hero to get a reading order (Year One: Celebration)

Hey everyone!! As part of my announcements for the Year One Celebration, I’m taking a list of characters you want REBIRTH reading orders of.

Already Available or in Progress: Wally West, Jonathan Kent, Suicide Squad, Aquaman and Mera, The Joker and the Batman Who Laughs, AND Zod(in Progress)

You get to choose ANY character and I’ll add their rebirth appearance list.

You can Choose until September 16th!


Awesome project, Nathan! Can you give me a list for Renee Montoya?

I’d love a reading order for Kyle Rayner, I haven’t been able to keep up with this appearances after his New 52 series (New Guardians) ended.

Earth 2/JSA

Shazam and the Legion of Superheroes

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Have you already done one for Batgirl or Black Canary. If not I’d highly appreciate reading orders for them in Rebirth :slight_smile:

I can’t keep up with all of the Gothamites!

How about Dr. Manhattan? It’ll be good for people trying to follow the plot line from DC Rebirth to Doomsday Clock

@Moloch, Unfortunately it’s a little bare bones. It makes sense but he shows up in
DC Universe
The Button (for one panel)
Doomsday Clock

So it wouldn’t make sense.

@nu52 if you want to jump right in while I’m still waiting, check out my Batman Rebirth Order in Section 4b

@captThunder unfortunately the legion doesn’t appear in rebirth until Bendis’s Superman during Year Two. Maybe a little later though.

Shazam also keeps himself in the background but becomes more important in Phase 2 (Justice: No Justice-)

@hubcity though not important to Rebirth, Renee has been making small guest appearances throughout rebirth.

@mrseanroper both Earth 2 and JSA don’t really appear in Rebirth until recently (one year ahead). However, I think Earth 2 elements appear in Superman Vol. 3.

@mrMiracle Kyle Raynor has a couple of FANTASTIC stories and has some fun character development.

The history of each Demon Knight

Jason Blood/ Etrigan
Madame Xanadu
Vandal Savage
Shining Knight
The other three being original to the series.

@Turok I will remind you it is REBIRTH ONLY But these characters DO make appearances.