Rebirth question

So been out of DC for a few years, getting back in thanks to this. Going to start Rebirth now. Obviously, I should read DC universe rebirth first… But where fun there. Is there a list short of googling release dates?

Thanks in advance!

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Look up comic heralds reading order for DC rebirth. Read the stories in sets of arc. Read/buy volume one of everything you might be interested and then buy the full set of everything you liked.

The exception to this rule is Batman vol. 1 isn’t great but stick with it until vol. 3. Also there are some hidden gems in rebirth.

New Super-man is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Stick with it until vol. 2

Nightwing is really good.

Wonder Woman has two volumes which are written by two different writers. Read vol. 2 then vol. 1 if you don’t know a lot about cheetah’s background

Superman’s spinoff series Supersons is the most heart warming book of rebirth.

Aquaman is incredible and will make you so excited for it’s movie.
Give DC’s young animal a try.

Night of the monster men is great but it’s impact is only really shown in Detective Comics.

Those are my highlights.


DC Universe Rebirth one-shot and then Action Comics, Superman and Jim Lee’s run on Suicide Squad (SS Rebirth one-shot and issues 1-8 of SS) are my tip top highlights.


Action Comics has been good. Superman has been good. Green Lanterns has some really cool arcs. Batman was hit and miss for me. Detective has been pretty hit qnd miss unless you love Batwoman. I enjoyed Bayhirl amd the Birds ok f Prey. Nightwing was pretty meh. Justice League sucked. Metal sucked. Green Arrow is pretty cool. Titans started good but the forced Metal tie in stuff sucks.