Rebirth DCU Order

Hello all,

I am currently looking into reading the Rebirth comics and was wondering if there were a chronological order to go through by issue.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

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Just pick a character or creator you like and go!




My Massive DC
Rebirth Reading

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I bumped it up for you

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Rebirth 1
Superman Lois and Clark
Superman 2016
Wonder Woman 2016 Year One early even numbered issues
Detective Comics 2016

Read by Title, not all issue 1 first. You’d go crazy.

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Rather than try to read all of Rebirth (which would practically be a part-time job), I’d suggest reading the first arc of every series and then picking a few favorites to follow.


The one thing that’s necessary to scope out is the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot.

After that, the ball’s in your court as to what floats your boat for reading choices.


Hey, I recommend my reading order which Turok mentioned. When I started reading comics 5 years ago, I was like you and tried reading issue by issue but I found I forgot everything in the previous issue after reading 30 other comics. To the point, I felt like I wasn’t getting everything I wanted out of them. What you’ll find in my order is that I’ve carefully tried to write the series by trade where things that are referenced in another comic are placed earlier. The other thing you’ll notice is that my everything rebirth order is listed in two big sections, phase 1 and 2. I 100% recommend starting with Phase 2 and trying all the phase 2 stuff out which isn’t all finished to catch up with DCU releases then go back to phase 1. While a couple of reveals occur in phase 1 and are spoiled in 2, you will find that the two phases are surprisingly seperate and accessible. Also phase 2 is more consistent per title. (Sorry blue beetle but you weren’t a good title) you could also read the Rebirth highlights in section 12 or section 3 I think to read through the best of phase 1 (excluding new super-man) and then jump into phase 2.