Reasons to love DC more than Marvel or Image?

I intend this post to be a general discussion about this comic brand.

Please be mature and civil with your comments about the other brands.

Personally, I like DC better because they are a much older company with more iconic characters dating back to the 1930s with Superman and Batman.

Marvel only had Captain America at that point before developing in the 60s as another comic brand with its own lineup before the company went bankrupt and sold out to Hollywood because the creators wanted to adapt their characters into movies and shows.

Now I believe they’ve become ‘the next big thing in entertainment’ in movies.

Image Comics was another comic brand that made history in the 90s when writers and artists from the Big Two left them both and formed this company to make their own comics, including Spawn, The Walking Dead, Savage Dragon, Invincible, Saga, and Witchblade.

Now I think these comics became more popular than the Big Two because characters like Omni-Man (Invincible) are ‘the next big thing’ in comics, right?

I like older works in general because they tend to hold up better than the new ones.

Which may just be my opinion anyway.

Feel free to debate about this subject.


By forces unknown to me, I was just always more interested in DC characters than I was Marvel. Maybe it’s because of the constant influx of Marvel’s movies and shows and it feels like you can never escape the advertisements for them, but I got into Batman during a time when the MCU was in my face and I wanted no part in it. Even now, I just naturally feel connected and entertained by DC than Marvel. I can’t explain it.

When a Marvel movie comes on, I literally lose my attention span, but yet I have watched every episode of Gotham more than three times. I can’t explain it.

I’m not going into the debate that one is better than the other or put the other down with no evidence to back it up like most people do. For me it’s just how I work. I’ve always said that DC chose me, I didn’t chose DC, but I literally can’t get interested in Marvel even if I tried (much to the dismay of many IRL)


I personally prefer Image over DC, but DC is what I pay more attention to. As to why DC is better than Marvel, I just enjoy their comics more. It feels more fantastical and is more of an escape for me


I have always been more of a DC fan than a Marvel. Part of that may be because the first superheroes I was exposed to were DC: Batman, Superman. I think most of it is because DC has a legacy going back to the Thirties. Marvel has Golden Age characters, but except for Captain America and Sub-Mariner they didn’t seem to do much with them.


Like @TheWifeOfJasonTodd said “By forces unknown”. Even as a child I always gravitated towards DC. I remember never really caring for Marvel movies at all, in fact even as a kid I thought Joss Whedon Avenger movies were pretty boring. and even now when I watched most of the MCU movies, I’d really only go back to watch 9 of them. To this day, the only marvel characters I have some sort of interest is Daredevil (thanks to the show) and The Punisher (thanks to Garth Ennis).

Meanwhile I was a big Batman fan growing up. I loved The Dark Knight trilogy, the older Burton/Schumacher Movies, and cartoons like Brave and the bold and the Arkham games. Also enjoyed TTG and Injustice. Even when I came back after taking a 10 year break from superheroes I still stick with DC and even prefer watching the DCEU over the MCU (as crazy as that sounds lol) and don’t really feel like reading Marvel comics.

Overall it’s really just a feeling that I can’t explain but if I had to list out some reasons for why I prefer DC it would be:

  • They focus more on animation
  • They have stories I love like All-Star Superman
  • DC Characters just feel more mythological to me, I can’t exactly explain why though
  • I preferred most of the distinct tones and feel of each DCEU movie more so than the MCU. I especially prefer the more serious tone of the early DCEU movies
  • The world is more fictional with cities like Metropolis, Gotham, Central City, Bludhaven, etc.
  • Superman - He’s become my favorite character in all of fiction

So far everything I’ve read from Image I’ve enjoyed but I have trouble directly comparing it to DC as they don’t have a giant world like DC and Marvel but instead tells separate stories. The way I see it DC is my main go to when it comes to comics and Superheroes and If I ever want to outside of DC for any reason, Image is my go to.


if you count Timley and Atlas, Marvel was in the 30s as well.


if you count Timley and Atlas, Marvel was in the 30s as well.

Yeah, nice, but in a different form.

Assuming it’s safe to discuss it here, does anybody know where I can read that lineup of comics from that era?

I read a little bit of Captain America through Marvel Unlimited but couldn’t find it on Hoopla (library streaming app) because lots of Marvel comics are saturated into the comics of that app.

At least the older comics stood for something back in the day, right?


Dc has a longer history. Not many heroes are earlier than superman such as Phantom, Dr Occult, etc. For my own headcanon, I have superman in the golden age justice society and later in the silver age justice league. Dc (combined with quality and fawcett) has a lot more golden age heroes who can more easily be used today by simply not tying the golden age to world war 2.


marvel isn’t bad just not for me.


I wouldn’t say I like DC more then Image, since Image comics have more variety to them. As a result of a lot of them not having a shared universe, there is a wider array of genres and creators.

As for DC vs Marvel, in a generalized kind of way, i would choose DC because the company has historically made comics that take more risks and do not conform as much to a “house style”, which Marvel had a hard time breaking out of, especially during the Jim Shooter era.

I like the explanation Grant Morrison gave for the difference between Marvel and DC on their Substack:
"More than Marvel, I think, the DC system favours auteur takes and personal visions over a strictly enforced continuity, DC is its own Multiverse with a multitude of competing histories and possibilities.”


I started out as a DC guy because of Superman and Batman on TV in the sixties. It took me a couple of years to discover Marvel Comics. And that occurred because of the animated Spider-Man and Fantastic Four cartoons on Saturday morning. I guess my heart will always belong to DC because of Lois and Clark, Bruce, Wally, Barbara, Diana, Jim Gordon, and Arthur, but I love Peter and MJ, The FF, Tony, and Steve. It’s like trying to pick your favorite child.


I’ve been a DC fan from as long as I can remember. Superman and Batman have always been part of my life; the first comic I ever purchased was Superboy and the Legion of Super-heros. Later I discovered Marvel, and later still Image, Dark Horse, Vantage, etc., but DC is still “home.” I can drift away for a while when storylines get vapid, and Image has taken up a bigger portion of my pull sheet, but I always return home. I think it is just the history and mythology that has developed over the years–the pull is really Irresistible for me.

Nothing against Marvel or others, but when your stable includes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Legion, The Justice League, The Joker, Bane, Lex, Doomsday, Zod, The Fatal Five, Harley, Punchline, Grodd, Darkseid, etc.

Dr. Doom is Marvel’s best character for me, and I will always love Daredevil and Spidey, but for me DC has always offered more.

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