really annoyed with comic "timed content"

I was reading “crisis on infinite earths” and finished issue four (when reality is destroyed) and was eager to find out what happens only to find that the series has been removed. Not only does the story get ruined but now I don’t even know if I want to continue with the service. How will I know this won’t happen again? Will I start another series only to find out its been removed before I get to finish? Sure, the shows and movies are great but I’m using this almost strictly for the comics. Can we get a timer on the comics so we at least know how long we have to read something? I was hoping this would rival marvel unlimited but so far this is way off. Very unfortunate.


I think this just happened to me as well. I was reading Emerald Dawn and then suddenly could no longer read it. Guess they just pulled it?

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This app has a weird issue where comics seem to disappear and reappear randomly. Initially I thought Superman Rebirth only had issue 1, but then I checked again and it has many more issues. The moderators insist that they haven’t removed any comics since the database update, so this might be a database bug that’ll be fixed later.


@GreenCorp is right

Green Lantern Emerald Dawn is missing, both 1 and 2

The links on the main pages do not work

Search and Browse cannot find it

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Now that we have almost 5 thousand comics in our library, we can’t count on the main pages showing everything, especially multiple issues of the same title

The main pages just emphasize what arc just came in or tied to original content

The titles and issues displayed on these pages change constantly

So I rely on Browse and Search

Browse shows Superman (2016) has 26 issues

Browse shows all titles alphabetically, include start year.

I use Search when I can’t find stuff through Browse.

For example, some Flash comics have the Title, the Flash, which is easy to miss.

I can’t even find either of the Emerald Dawn series. I don’t think it was timed content, they have insisted nothing will be removed without a 2 week warning and nothing int he foreseeable future. So I don’t think they would have taken any of those down, especially Emerald Dawn which has only been since Tuesday. So I assume that is an issue with the database.

They definitely need to fix it though. It does not give a good look, and due to their initially rotating some things out so quickly a lot are going to jump to the conclusion it has been rotated out, rather then an issue with the service that should be fixed soon.

Got to say as far as Crisis on Infinite Earths… I didn’t think they ever had the full series of that one. Was about to think the original post was mistaken but does seem other stuff is acting wonky so maybe I am wrong.


I just checked Emerald Dawn isn’t there anymore but it was last time I checked a few days ago. Im pretty sure it was just added Saturday. Must be some sort of glitch or mistake.

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This is exactly why I don’t read many comics on this. I already own 1000’s of comic books with a bunch I haven’t yet read and tons I’d love to re-read. I jump between stories constantly, and putting a clock on how quickly I have to read a series really kills the fun of comics for me, making it feel somewhat like a chore. If I see a whole run I’m interested in available I’m afraid to start because who knows if I’ll only get 4 or 10 issues in before it’s gone. I understand the point of trying to get people to buy the rest of the books, but as I said I already own thousands and spend hundreds a month on new books.


That is weird. I saw Emerald Dawn up earlier today, but I went back and can’t find it now. I’ve not actually noticed anything disappear that they didn’t warn us about since the new year until just now. Now, the latter half of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive seems to have never been uploaded in the first place, but that’s slightly different. I assume it’s some kind of glitch since they promised that nothing would get removed in the near future and they’d give us two weeks’ notice if it did. I’m fine with technical difficulties every now and then, but it would be nice if they’d fix it sooner rather than later.

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There should be a disclaimer box out up 5 days in advance.


I thought we had gotten past this removing without notice nonsense.
Let’s hope it’s just a temporary technical issue.


I bet it is

I am sure it is a temporary technical issue. They have said they don’t have regular rotation anymore, and they would give 2 weeks notice. They didn’t ignore their own claims to take down Emerald Dawn… which they hyped was coming since the beginning of the month, just to take it down 3 days later. Even “back in the day” they were never rotated out that fast.

Although given DCU’s past I can see why people drew that conclusion. But I highly doubt they have rotated it out.

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In fact, I saw Emerald Dawn and Emerald Dawn II back in place earlier this morning. Probably just a glitch.


Weird if you saw them earlier this morning, because they aren’t there now. Unless it is in some regions and not others? I don’t know, but I sure can’t find them.

Earlier this afternoon, I saw them but got an error message when I clicked on them (which I didn’t try this morning). They’re missing again now.

I sent them an e-mail to their help center. It said they were removed due to unforseen circumstances, so they are gone.

Given how they said that and how fast it happened I can only assume that wasn’t planned and there were some extenuating circumstances. Although it is not a good look on them especially since they said that they would give 2 weeks warning and obviously didn’t. Again, sure it wasn’t planned and guessing a lot of paperwork and red tape goes into getting comics on here DC owning them or not (and sure some will say “BS they own it!” but does anyone have any experience in what it required to post an online comic to a streaming service to KNOW that is the case.) It’s not like anyone rational would assume they put it up and then removed it days later so they could sit back and laugh at our misfortune. Especially since they said it would be released in a press release

But they should have announced it, even if just to say “sadly due to unforeseen circumstances we had to remove Emerald Dawn I and II”.

Again, don’t know what happened, assume it was beyond someones control if it went down this way. But it is disappointing they didn’t announce it had to be taken down. This has not happened often (them being removed with zero warning, especially so quickly) but it has happened. Whatever unforeseen circumstances lead to it I hope they are working to prevent those circumstances from happening again.


To clarify I only asked about Emerald Dawn, can’t speak for anything else and I don’t remember them ever having anything more then the first 4 issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths, but obviously I could be mistaken.

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Do want to also say (last one I promise) for what it is worth I am real impressed they got back to me so fast on a Saturday Night.

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