Reaganfan78's Blog # 2: Looking into the New Year

One of the things I’m looking forward to the New Year is to see Aquaman, I haven’t seen the movie yet and hopefully will see it very soon! I was thrill that it was number 1 at the box office for 2 weeks. And speaking of movies, how excited are you of seeing Shazam and Joker later in 2019? When I first saw Shazam trailer I didn’t know what to think, and when I watch the trailer for a second time, I was thinking that this could be a good movie. As for the Joker I’m really excited to see the movie! I think Joaquin Phoenix will do a good job, it’ll be a second movie that tells the Joker orgin story, first was 1989 Batman. I hope DC will release a trailer for it soon!
Anyway as for DC streaming service I can’t wait to finally watch Green Lantern the animated series. I just wish it lasted more then 1 season, it had a great story telling of Hal and Kilawog working together in space fighting the red lantern.
Later this week Young Justice returns for a 3rd season! I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out, I just hope Penguin will make a cameo. And finally I can’t wait to watch Doom Patrol next month, Hope Applejack will be doing a watch along, that’ll be fun. I just hope the show will have more then 11 episodes!
Whatever DC has plan for 2019, I can’t wait! So far this has been a fun journey! Happy New Year everybody! May God bless you with a great year! :grinning:

I’m hugely excited for Shazam. It looks exactly like what a Shazam movie should be. Joker sounds interesting but my anticipation for it is pretty minimal since we’ve only seen, what two behind the scenes glimpses of it? Once the trailers start coming out, I’m sure I’ll get more amped up for it.

GLTAS is on right now so enjoy. It’s great#


Very excited for Shazam!

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