Reading Style - How Do You Read DC Comics?

We’re all different but one thing we have in common is that we love DC Comics and DC Universe Infinite! My question is…how do you read DC Comics? Some of the details I’m interested in are:

  • Do you have a particular spot you like to be in? If so, set the scene for us!
  • Do you put on some music? If so, what’s the playlist? Maybe some white noise?
  • Do you read issues as they come out and wait a month for the next one to be released or do you wait for a series run to be complete and then binge read it all?
  • Do you read on your PC or on your phone? Or have you found another way? :thinking:

Personally I like to read on my PC because of the screen size. I prefer to read while looking at the whole page at once as so much of the artwork is in the page layout and how the panels interact with one another and flow and you miss that when reading in panel mode on your phone. There’s also the occasional reveal when an action or a character takes up the whole page and you may not get that in panel mode.

I like listening to music while I read and since I’m usually on my PC I dial up a concert on YouTube and let that play while I read. That usually gives me a couple hours of great music and is a nice soundtrack to the books. If I don’t read on my PC and read on my phone instead I like to be in the “guest room” that has the record player and I put on my ‘Dark Knights Death Metal Soundtrack’ album and have a DC commissioned soundtrack play as I read.

I used to read the books as they came out but it was all over the place. ‘Action Comics’ into ‘Harley Quinn’ into ‘The Nice House on the Lake’ into ‘Crush & Lobo’ into ‘Wonder Girl’ into ‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?’…it’s too much! Makes it tough to get into the flow of any one story. I don’t know how y’all did it back in the day when you were literally going to the comic shop each week to get the latest issues.

Now I’ve created a list of issues that I want to read and organized them by title. For example: ‘Arkham City: The Order of the World’ #1-3, ‘Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham’ #1-4, etc. and then I read those issues in-a-row. I’m enjoying that a lot and have gotten through my backlist of issues much faster as a result.

How about you? Let’s hear how you consume DC comics and how similar/different our methods are!


I like to mix up my DC reading. There are a few titles I read new when they first come out, and as far as digital, I’ve been reading through the Triangle Era Superman, usually an issue or two a day, and then I read from a few other series and runs I’ve been working on when I have time.


Wherever the batlaptop happens to be.

None, the comics should make their own soundtrack

When it comes out.

My bat PC.

I put it on layout mode, full screen, and non panel by panel.


I read my comics on my IPad or my Kindle because I like the larger page size. I read each week’s new releases and choose other series to read as the interest strikes me. I read somewhere between 70 to 100+ comics per week between DC and Marvel.


My main spots are my bed and in the car, in the car I can unplug from everything and focus on the book and my bed because well, it’s my bed I already sit there when I’m playing games and stuff.

I have made a playlist for Batman but besides that I don’t really listen to anything.
(Link won’t work so you’ll just have to settle for a picture​:stuck_out_tongue:)

A rarely read new comics but when I do what usually happens is I’ll get the first issue and then forget it exists and then like 3 months later I’ll remember that the book exists and start collecting again.

Yup I have found another way it’s called…

:sparkles: Paper :sparkles:

What I usually do is I’ll try to get the Single issue, if that’s too expensive I’ll get the trade, if even that’s too expensive I’ll just read it on hoopla or somewhere else on my phone.


I read on either my PC or iPad. If I’m on my PC then I’ll be at my desk. If it’s my iPad then I’ll be either in bed, on the sofa, sitting outside in the Australian Sunshine.
I have tried my phone, but I find the screen is just too small to read on, and seeing as I have access to my PC or iPad they’re just easier to use.

I tried reading with a music playlist on, then one of the songs I’d selected had someone singing, and I found myself singing along in my head and forgot to read the comic. So now I just read the comic by themselves.

I’ve got a fairly good memory for TV shows and things I’m reading, so I read them when they come out, sometimes I might need to pull out last months issue and have a quick skim to catch up, but that’s fairly rare.

See my answer to the first bullet point.


I highly recommend the Buckethead album ‘Colma’ as a comic reading soundtrack. No lyrics so no worries about singing along but great instrumentals, a chill vibe and very relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s available on most music streaming services.

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I typically read at my kitchen table on my ipad pro. The screen is about the same size as a comic book and I read one page at a time. Occasionally, I will focus in if there is a detail I want to check out.

If the neighbors are noisy or my wife has a friend over, I listen to a white noise app that I also use at work in the break room (it is a godsend). I can’t focus on reading when people are blabbing around me, and listening to dogs bark or lawn mowers/leaf blowers or white trash theater is kinda annoying.

I do buy some comics as they come out. For DC I’ve been getting The Monkey Prince and reading each issue as they come out. Typically, I like to let them pile up a bit and then read 4-6 issues at once. I read so many different ones that I can’t remember what is going on if I read every issue as it comes out.

I have a reading list for DC on the app. My favorites are Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Doom Patrol, Birds of Prey, Fables, and recently Gen13.

Looking forward to DC vs. Vampires and Trial of the Amazons. Might wait for all of the issues to load before I read them.


I usually like to read on my computer! Unless it’s a physical issue, which I’d instead read in bed. I have my bed pushed up against the corner of the room so it’s comfortable to settle into that corner (so many pillows), maybe with my record player going in the background if I’ve already read the issue once before.

If it’s a new issue, I won’t listen to anything unless our neighbors are being particularly noisy or something else distracting is happening nearby. Music makes it hard for me to comprehend anything I’m reading, even if there’s no lyrics, so I mostly sit in silence whenever something new comes my way … :sweat_smile:


What I love about the triangle series of Superman, it’s like a weekly continuous soap opera series for the man of steel. :grinning:
Wonder how many people would say, I can’t wait til next week to see what will happen next like, Lois reaction to see Clark Kent is Superman?!
Gotta love those things.

As for my reading style, I love comics that are based on shows, movies and old classic comics before I was ever born. :grinning:

:superman: :dc_history_club: :00_lc_green_lantern:



  • Do you have a particular spot you like to be in? If so, set the scene for us!
  • Do you put on some music? If so, what’s the playlist? Maybe some white noise?
  • Do you read issues as they come out and wait a month for the next one to be released or do you wait for a series run to be complete and then binge read it all?
  • Do you read on your PC or on your phone? Or have you found another way? :thinking:

Lately I’ve been reading at night out on my balcony. Summertime and comic books are fun. :smiling_face:

As for music, yes, I do play White Noise.

The combination between that and the light traffic at night is a nice mix.

And I read I AM BATMAN every month when it comes out, and will be reading DETECTIVE COMICS every month once the Ram V run starts. Everything else I usually just wait until it comes here to DC Universe Infinite.

And I read everything on my iPad Pro – and have been since 2010.


Oh, and I also listen to my Deutsche Grammophon playlist, and primarily when I’m reading CATWOMAN for some reason… :smiling_face:


I’ve been getting the hard copies of DC vs. Vampires and have enjoyed it a lot!


I have been listening to music when I read (non-comic) books. I have fantasy playlists for fantasy, sci-fi for sci-fi, and so on. I just read a book about the American Revolution and found some Revolutionary playlists, which was nice. And I read a book about the competition between Sega and Nintendo and listened to music from SNES and NES games, which was fun. With comics I usually just listen to classical.


When reading comics, listen to comics music! :grinning:


Used to read them on my TV when the original DC Universe was around. Now mainly on my phone. Which is fine, cause I read panel to panel.


Usually on the couch while the kids are hogging the TV watching YouTube videos I don’t understand. Sometimes in bed right before I go to sleep.

See answer to first question. Unintelligible YouTube videos = white noise :joy:.

As they come out. Sometimes I have to catch up and read a couple issues together.

iPad Pro 12.5”, full page view. I rotate to landscape for double page spreads. Very rarely, usually when on the go, I’ll read on my phone using guided view, but it’s not nearly the same.


I have no real set. It can be on the couch of my living room, the floor of my living room, my bedroom, or sometimes I go out to Starbucks to read.

I kinda need noise. Otherwise my mind will drift off on random stuff. The music helps me keep focused. The music differs, usually soundtracks from DC films, it depends. I just read Wonder Woman: Dead Earth and I used the soundtrack from Zack Snyder’s Justice League. I think it kinda fit this kinda story. I mean, I love the old’66 Batman but that ain’t gonna work if you’re reading The Dark Knight Returns lol.

I binge read, if you can call it that. Single issues have ads which breaks up the narrative and focus for me. They are monthly, by the time the next one comes out I already forgot what happened prior. I get the trades, and not the hardcovers for I want to save money lol

Physical now and always. It’s one thing to read an article on-line but actual books I need to have in my hands still.


Ha! That would be a tough soundtrack to listen to for sure! I like that idea - might have to listen to the Batman '89 soundtrack when reading Batman '89 and same for Superman '78. We’re fortunate there are so many good soundtracks for different characters - Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Titans, Doom Patrol, Shazam, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn…I like that idea a lot!


Thank you, or can always do like some Noir ambience for some Batman. Again it just depends. I’ve been finding some cool synthwave Batman remixes. I feel stuff like that would be perfect in reading The Dark Knight Returns BESIDES the awesome soundtrack it too got.


I used to read sitting down in my favorite chair. Now i read standing up walking around for some reason, dunno why.

Also i’m old fashioned I guess because I still just read physical comics.

I don’t listen to any music because its easier to focus when there’s silence.