Reading recommendations for titans/outsiders/young justice

Looking for reading recommendations for titans,outsiders,and young justice

The original Young Justice series from the 90’s was just great fun!

Haven’t read much classic Titan’s but you can’t go wrong with Wolfman and the Geoff Johns reboot in the early 2000’s was very cool!

I’d actually appreciate some Outsider recommendations too


This is a simplified version of these series from 1996 to 2003

It ignores cancellations and change of memberships as well as the Titans series in 1999, which did not affect continuity much. Basically original and new titan members joined together.

The TV series, Young Justice is set on another earth and is not part of the Main DC Earth, which gives it the freedom to choose events and characters from the four main series, without regard to DC Continuity, which makes it very exciting.

I am using secret ID names of characters because these series use different characters with the same super hero names

1966 Teen Titans Dick Grayson, Wally Wood, Garth, Donna Troy, Roy Harper, others

1980 The New Teen Titans Grayson, Wally, Donna, plus Beast Boy from Doom Patrol and original characters Cyborg, Raven and Starfire.

1983 Batman and the Outsiders Batman, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Halo, Katana and Geo Force.

1998 Young Justice Tim Drake as Robin, Bart Allan as Impulse, Conner or Kon-el as Superboy, Cassie Sandmark as Wonder Girl

In our library, there is a title called

.Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day, 2003, which

  • kills off some of the old teen titans members (temporarily)

  • moves the 4 main characters in Young Justice to new Teen Titans series, with the 4 main New Teen Titans, who not part of the original Teen Titans. Series is excellent and is by Geoff Johns.

  • creates new Outsider comic, with Grayson and Roy as leaders, plus Metamorpho, Black Lightning’s daughter, an Amazon and several other new and old characters.


The entire Wolfman/Perez TNTT run is on here. Highly recommend it. YJ has 2 DCU exclusive issues on here. The new YJ issues they added right to the left of those. Not to mention the animated series of both. Imo, it’s more fun to read them 1st then watch the shows. However, u can learn all u need to know to watch the shows & get by. You just might miss out on a lot of easter eggs & content hidden; remarks made by characters, flashback oriented callbacks etc. Up to u tho. Both ways are fine.


What about the newest Young Justice book by Bendis

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Bendis is doing a reboot of the original run by Peter David, using the four main members, plus other characters.

Superboy, Impulse and Wonder Girl had not been seen in recent years, except their future selves in some issues of Detective Comics.

When James Tynion IV wrote his last issue of Detective Comics, he had Tim Drake and his girlfriend Stephanie Brown went off together. Bendis seems to be ignoring this setup.

The Young Justice TV show, shown here, has characters with the same names appearing, but they are the same people. They have different relationships and reside on a different earth.

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