Reading Order: Infinite Crisis

I’ve been searching the interwebs for the absolute best and most comprehensive reading order for Infinite Crisis.
The problem is that I’m a completionist.
I not only want to read every single tie-in, but I also want to read every single series that ties in from the very beginning.
Essentially, this means that I’ve gotta read most of the main DC titles from 2000ish all the way up through 2008ish.
Anyone able to help me? I want to try to read all of this in chronological order as closely as possible.

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I think what you want would be
And if you want to keep going there is 52 and One Year Later that take place after Infinite Crisis.


I have been working my way through Infinite Crisis, I didn’t read the build to it but the writers even in the tie-ins do a great job in establishing the crisis and making sure as readers we understand the stakes


Yeah that’s actually the main site I use for reading orders.
The main roadblock I’m running into now is figuring out the optimal order for everything prior to what’s listed on CBRO’s Identity Crisis.

I’m not too worried about not understanding it. I read the base story years ago. I’m more interested in just absorbing everything I can for the decade leading up to New 52 (which is basically where I started).
Infinite Crisis is just the easiest reference point since it’s a huge event that takes place right after the halfway point of my intended time span.

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@CountMacdaft I don’t think getting context in the decade leading up to new 52 to be that useful because much of the continuity was abandoned.


My intention isn’t to get context in preparation for the New 52. I’m up to date for the most part in Rebirth but don’t wanna stop reading comics for the time being. So my answer was to jump back a decade and absorb as much as I can. Does that make sense…?

Thank you for this…

No really, you just changed try life… well as far as this service is concerned.

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I’m currently using ComicBookReadingOrders in conjunction with ComicBookHerald and a few other random sources. My issue is that not a single source has EVERY issue of EVERY run released during that time period.
Like I’m wanting the stuff that doesn’t when remotely tie in.
I’m going for consumption of as much DC material as I can, not just the big events that tie most of it together.

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Isn’t that what this list is?

Kind of. It still leaves a lot out.
For example, it leaves out the entirety of Countdown. Yeah I know it’s no one’s favorite, but I still want to read it for the sake of completion. That’s just one example off the top of my head.

You can also find them on comicvine like here. But they sometimes have the wrong order. So I would look other places first.