Reading Order Guide for Post-Crisis DC Modern Age

I’ve started building a list as I make my way through reading DC Comics after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

So far I have:

-History of the DC Universe #1-2
-Man of Steel (1986) #1-6
-Batman #404-407
-Wonder Woman (1986) #1-6
-Aquaman Special #1

I’m sure it will evolve as I read more. Here’s my list so far:

Is there a limit to how many comics you can have in a list?

(Also, if I may request: I’d love a way to subscribe to threads so I can get notified when new posts happen, whether I’ve started the thread or not.)

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Unfortunately List aren’t shareable yet! However, your request is happening when Community 2.0 releases this Summer! You can’t subscribe to a poster (That would be really cool) but you will be able to subscribe to a thread!


Nice, great to hear on both counts!