Reading More About Batgirl & Red Hood From Three Jokers (No Spoilers!)

I thought there would be a general question thread, if there is please point me in the right direction.

I don’t usually pick up a series until the run is completed but I decided to check out Three Jokers. I’m loving the artwork! This got me wanting to read more of Batgirl and Red Hood.

Where (when in the past) can I read more of “this” Batgirl and Red Hood? And where (when in the past) can I see more of these versions of their suit?

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The suits in the series are brand new designs, so it is unlikely you will see more like them outside of this. However when it comes to stories, here are a few suggestions.

Batgirl Year One
New 52
Birds of Prey

Red Hood:
Under The Red Hood
Red Hood: The Lost Days
New 52/Rebirth

There’s not that many, but these should start you off


Thanks! That should be enough for me!

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Batman Eternal has Batgirl and Red Hood team ups.

Batgirl’s costume is similar to her original appearance. Her New52 version is close, but more armored and with purple cape undertones.

Batman Gotham Nights 42 (or 43?) has a flashback to Batgirl and Jason-Robin’s first teamup.


Thanks! I still have to pick up Burnside Batgirl, but which series is the new 52 version you mentioned?