Reading List for rebirth.

Hey guys I want to get into binge reading some rebirth comics. Does anyone have a reading list I can follow that chronologically follows the series (you know, as if I was watching a TV series)?

So if the comics was an entire run or series what would be the first thing to read? What would be the last and all those in between?

I just brought to the top

Massive Rebirth Reading

Use it

I dont think Rebirth has ended.

Maybe when Doomsday Clock ends many months from now

Rebirth begins with

DC Universe Rebirth #1.
No second issue.

Rebirth is not an event.

It is a reboot of the entire DC lineup, where elements of DC history was added back to the previous reboot called new 52 in 2011.

Reading Rebirth by month is crazy. You wont remember thr stories. Instead pick one or more titles and when finished go to next group. You can stop a title when writer changes usually for the worse.

This my option on the first group of titles other differs

My Opinion
Great Series

  1. Superman
  2. Detective Comics
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Green Lanterns
  5. Red Hood and the
  6. Aquaman
  7. New Superman
  8. Titans
  9. Deathstroke
  10. Hellblazer

Good Series
11. Batman

Meh Series
13 Flash
14. Batgirl and Birds of Prey
15,Hal Jordan and the Green
Lantern Corps
16. Teen Titans
17. Trinity
18. Al-Star Batman
19. Nightwing
21. Suicide Squad

Bad Series
21. Batman Beyond
22. Supergirl
23, Green Arrow
24. Cyborg
25. Justice League
26. Superwoman
27. Harley Quinn
28. Blue Beetle