Reading Issues

Wondering if anyone is having this issue. I am reading off IPad mini, and after several pages I get a black screen. Then it goes back to page one, I’ve dealt with this issue for two years, and tech support was no help. Todays a new issue reared it’s awful head.
In addition to the above, the new problem is that for no reason, it arbitrarily crashes the app. When I relog it starts me from the beginning. Any suggestions. I am about ready to not renew my membership.

I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with all of that @machaelquinn86.46941! Can you give us more information about your device? i.e. Generation, OS version, & WiFi type?

Additionally, have you already gone through the basic troubleshooting steps of uninstalling the app, turning off the device, and reinstalling the app to see if that fixes it? Just checking!

Hi. Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate it.

My IPad version is:
Mini 4




I’ve done every IT 101 thing possible. It’s very frustrating. Any insight would be grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Heya! Thanks for getting back to us.

While your device technically meets the requirements to run the app, it could be an issue of how your device actually handles the latest iOS version(s) itself. That’s to be generally expected of an older Apple device – they don’t always run super smoothly (and tend to crash apps quite often) after a certain point, even when the iOS is technically compatible for that product model.

I’ve run into this issue often as a long-time Apple user myself (and recently retired a 2015 Apple product for that very reason). If you’re able to, I’d recommend trying to recreate the issue on another device to see if the same thing happens there.

Otherwise, I suspect it to be an issue isolated to iPad Mini 4 alone, which both we and our support team might not be able to assist with.

It’s happens on my IPhone 12 as well, but I prefer to read on the IPad. It’s been happening from day one (2years ago) but I’ve been dealing with it until today’s additional issue. It’s a shame, but I guess I’ll have to read on ComiXology which doesn’t have issues, and not renew my membership.