Reading history out of order

Hi! Anyone else’s reading history way out of order? When I click on the my dc button, it looks like it is correct, but it takes a while for it to allow for use (I.e. clicking on issues doesn’t work; download appear initially…) when it does finally work, the history is all over the place, with issues from 4, 5 months ago showing up on the list first. I download the issues to read and trying to scroll through several months of history to find the issues to remove them is laborious. Thank you.


Yea, the “MyDC” tab has been all jacked up recently. There have been a few posts about it not working properly.
I know I’ve already sent a ticket to support so hopefully they are already looking into the matter

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The app is in a horrible state right now. I put in a ticket weeks ago and finally got a reply that they are working on it. I should hope so :blush:

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Over a month without an update. I still can’t even tell what books I have read since the blue line has been gone for me for a long time

I’m sorry you’re not having a wonderful experience. Our team is always working hard to make the service better, so hopefully you won’t be waiting too long. Thank you so much for your patience thus far :slight_smile: