Reading crisis on infinite earths question

So can I just read the 12 issue series or do I need to read all 40+ other issues that are involved with the event? I want to be able to understand and enjoy it but I also don’t have time to read all the issues involved.

I’m worried if I start reading the other crossover series I will have to read more to understand those characters and what’s going on in the other series which means I’ll have to keep reading more and more to where it will take forever for me to understand it all.

So can I just read the 12 isssues and still get the same experience?

That depends on what kind of reader you are. Elements and characters are introduced in other books (well, technically, all but a tiny handful of characters were introduced in other books), so if you need to see all of the setup, you’d want to read most comics from DC and acquired publishers, including the crossovers.
But if you’re the kind of reader who just accepts it when you see characters and settings you might not recognize, you should be fine. There is no “chapter 4 1/2 is in the next issue of Wonder Woman” kind of nonsense.

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As @jcolag said it all depends on you. I personally have to read every single tie-in myself. You could do just the mains & understand it enough. I’m a sucker for catching every nod & easter egg possible. Also, u can always read em in there entirety then go back & rewatch em’ another day?

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The 12 issues are fine.

A lot of the tie ins are just the Monitor appearing in comic books. Nothing major.

What is important is what happened AFTER Crisis.

There are farewell issues for the old Superman
Legends by John Byrne
Man of Steel by Bryne
A new Flash Series
Wonder Woman by Geotge Perez
Justice League International
Batman Year One

After you finish Crisis my Super Hero Genre History to find those events around 1986 1987.

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