reading comics with a sound track.

I doubt I’m the first one to do this but I’ve fallen in love with reading comics with music in the background.

Right now I’m reading the Flash deluxe edition book three as I listen to the original sound track of season one of the flash. So the reason I’m making this thread is to see what others are listening to when reading their comics.

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This is what I do!!

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Now that I’ve done it I don’t understand why I’ve never done it before. It makes the story better… Especially when the music lines up with some of the story beats. Like when music gets intense when some action happens.

I always do that with comics, books, or magazines. I usually prefer light classical or jazz. Instrumental only.

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I used to do that when I was just getting used to reading for fun in general. Now, it’s just distracting. You can’t exactly depend on the music to line up with the story.

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Like, imagine you’re playing Mario Kart, but there’s no quicker final lap music. Or worse, the same exact music plays after you cross the finish. Immersion broken. :confused:

I do this occassionally. I used to listen to the two Music of DC CDS when reading. Lately I’ll listen to different DC music on YouTube when the mood strikes.

I used to always listen to classical music while reading, sometimes dubstep but it got too distracting lol.

I’ve heard classical is good to listen to but it can put a weird mood onto whatever you’re reading. It’s hit or miss.